As radio communication company Icom UK and the Herne Bay Angling Association (HBAA) got ready for the 16th annual HBAA Bass Festival the weather took a turn for the worse. 
Following days of hot sunshine and low winds the clouds and wind built up. As the rain and wind battered the coast of Herne Bay on the morning of Friday 8th July some 85 participants set sail to try to catch the largest bass and possibly the £10,000 Icom had offered to the largest bass over 20lbs.

Festival sponsors Icom donated prizes for the competitions run over the weekend, including a IC-M421, fixed VHF transceiver won by Mick, 3 IC-M1EuroV VHF handheld transceiver and a selection of other prizes.

Mick Todd (pictured above right receiving his prizes from the sponsor’s Bob Stockley) caught the largest bass of the festival on the Friday.  The bass was a respectable 10.115lbs and was the only one of the festival to weigh in at over 10llbs. Mick won 1st prize of the overall competition but not the £10,000.

Numbers on the Sunday increased dramatically as the weather improved and the evening saw a barbecue and prize giving ceremony.

When asked about the weekend, Barry Mount, HBAA Club Secretary said. “The Herne Bay Angling Association was delighted with the first year’s sponsorship of its annual bass festival by Icom. There was a good entry, which would have been higher had the weather been a little kinder on the first two days. Although the fish were not quite as big as some previous years, some good specimens were bought to the scales”.

Speaking about the festival, Bob Stockley, Icom’s Sales & Marketing Director said, “As a Herne Bay based company Icom were more than pleased to be a part of this popular festival. This was a great weekend and we hope we can be a part of it again next year. Maybe next year, someone will catch the elusive 20lbs bass”.

Results of the weekends fishing as follows:

Position         Name Weight (lbs)

1st       Mick Todd      10.115

2nd     Stuart Fuller  9.695

3rd      Tim Jones     8.525

4th.     Charlie Turner          8.17lbs          

5th.     Frank Cox     7.65lbs

6th.     Les Bates      6.67lbs          

7th.     Andy Kerr      6.57lbs

8th.     Edward Hadlow        6.54lbs

9th.     Jolyon Ifill      6.49lbs

10th.   Steve Richards         6.45lbs


Special Classes

Ladies            No entrants

Beach            Steve Richard           2.10lbs

Juniors Beach

1st       Robert Bates             3.565lbs

2nd     Connor Mankelow  1.92lbs



1st       Mick Todd      10.115lbs

2nd     Jolyon Ifill      6.49lbs

3rd      Bill Betton      1.39lbs (Caught from beach)



1st       Tim Jones     8.525lbs

2nd     Les Bates      6.67lbs

3rd      Steve Richards         6.45lbs



1st       Stuart Fuller 9.695lbs

2nd     Charlie Turner          8.17lbs

3rd      Frank Cox     7.655lbs


Icom (UK) Ltd was established in 1974 and is the sole UK and Republic of Ireland importer and distributor for Icom Inc., of Osaka, Japan. Based in Herne Bay, Kent, the company is privately owned with 42 staff.

A comprehensive portfolio of radio transceiver, receiver, navigation and computer products is maintained to suit the consumer, commercial, radio-amateur, marine and aviation markets. Equipment is available in fixed-base, vehicle-mobile and handheld formats to suit a wide range of specifications and applications.

HBAA background

The Herne Bay Angling Association was formed in 1903 “To further and promote the advancement of the art of angling”. The Association, which has a membership of over 500, is regarded as one of the most successful clubs in the country and has it’s own headquarters on the seafront opposite the harbour arm slipway. In addition to organising over 30 annual competitions from boat and beach, the association plays an active part in the local community such as staging on the pier a Monster Crab competition, which is held during the town’s festival and attracts over 600 children attempting to catch the largest crab! The association also has a youth development programme – organising coaching and competitions to encourage children of all ages to participate in what is the country’s largest participating sport.