Grants worth almost £4million to modernise and improve the competitiveness of England‘s fishing industry have been announced.

A total of 30 projects ranging from upgrading fishing boats to sustainability and promotional initiatives will receive cash under the Financial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance (FIFG) scheme, funded by Defra and the European Union.

Successful bids include (see table below for full list):

* £248,000 to upgrade an East London food processor
* £245,000 to improve facilities at Billingsgate Fish Market, London
* £200,000 for a live shellfish handling facility at Wells, Norfolk
* £129,000 to improve the harbour at Brancaster, Norfolk
* £197,000 for a new fish grading line at Hull and £74,000 for new grading capacity at Grimsby
* £83,000 for a new internet seafood information network

The Marine Fisheries Agency, which considers the bids, has awarded more than £7million in FIFG grants since 2005.

Fisheries Minister Ben Bradshaw said:

“This money will pay for better equipment, better working conditions and more measures aimed at making our fisheries more sustainable and profitable in the long run.”

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