An eighth series of River Monsters see Jeremy wade venturing from fresh and into saltwater as he travels the globe in search this time of sea monsters.

The five part series, titled Mysteries of the Ocean, is currently showing on ITV, and Jeremy admits to being ‘out of his comfort zone after seven series of tracking down freshwater giants.

Deep Sea Demon
Jeremy ventures from the UK to Southeast Asia on a trail of clues in search of the mythological sea serpent. Throughout the incredibly difficult journey, Jeremy pushes himself to the absolute limit, but will his freshwater knowledge be enough to tackle this monster of the deep or will he end up in Davy Jones’s Locker?

Terror in Paradise
Jeremy travels to the Bahamas after hearing tales of swimmers being ripped from the surface of blue holes surrounding island. The locals attribute the tragic disappearances to the legendary Lusca monster and it’s up to Jeremy to unravel the myth of this horrifying hybrid fish by diving deep into its underwater lair.

Devil of the Deep
A chilling report of mutilated dead bodies ravaged by a mysterious ocean creature sends Jeremy on a dangerous mission from the Sea of Cortez in Mexico to Peru where he discovers a deep sea devil.

Razor head
Terrifying reports surface of a creature terrorizing one of the most popular vacation destinations on the East Coast – the Florida Keys. With witness accounts of a beast so violent that it slices through flesh and even breaks bones, Jeremy sets off to the Sunshine State to find out what is triggering these unusual attacks.

Death Down Under
Jeremy travels to the scene of an ocean aircraft crash in Australia that left a group of Aboriginal elders brutally murdered almost without a trace. He embarks on one of his toughest investigations ever, taking on some of the deadliest animals on the planet in order to track down this elusive killer.