The River Suck produced one of her famous big predators this week in the shape of the 32lb 8oz pike to pike fanatic Richard Dunne.

Richard, who was fishing under a full moon, was fishing the river just outside Ballinasloe when he hooked the big female, which is a personal best by just 4oz.
“I’d had a couple of jack pike, and then just before dark I hooked up with a very good fish which refused to come up from the bottom,” he said.

“Eventually she showed face, thrashed her head and all went limp. I’d lost her. I was disgusted, and still cursing my luck over an hour later when my rod was off again.

“I struck into another heavy weight which again refused to move from the depths. After a couple of minutes she surfaced and made one short run. After that there was no more fussing about and she came straight over my net.

“It was dark and only when I went to lift the fish did I realise her true size. I hurriedly scrambled my scales and weigh net together and hoisted her up. The scales shot straight over 33lb then settled on 32lbs 8oz!  A moment I will treasure forever!”

The mighty fish fell to Lamprey section legered hard on the bottom.