Lakeland and Inland Waterways Ireland has announced a brand new pairs match with over £60,000 in prize money.
Set in the counties of Monaghan, Leitrim, Cavan and Fermanagh this is a pairs match the type of which has NEVER been seen before.

The match will be a four day competition to be run the week of 9th to 15th of September 2012 and the prize pool is in excess of £60,000.

1st Pair – £30,000
2nd – £10,000
3rd – £5,000
4th – 10th places – £1,000

There will be many more prizes along with individual super pools as well.

This truly is set to be ‘the match of the year’ and absolutely anyone can enter and you are all in with a chance of winning – while fishing in the beautiful surroundings of the Irish countryside. Whats more this is a match that is RUN BY ANGLERS FOR ANGLERS and this means we intend to make sure the best pegs are used along with many new sections which have been carefully researched and selected.

The format of the match is based purely on total weight of the pair of anglers over the four competition days – on the off days there will be further open matches to take part in so you can make the most of the great fishing which is available in Ireland during September. Entry per pair is £70 (£35 per angler) when booked through one of the official travel companies associated with the event, if you book direct with Lakeland and Inland Waterways Ireland then the entry is £90 per pair.
The exact sections and format of the match
are yet to be disclosed as much depends on the numbers of anglers attending – although the prize pool is GAURANTEED!
You dont need to be ‘venue experts’ to win this match – you just need to be able to catch roach and bream, and there are some massive shoals of them to be found in the lakes and rivers that the event will be staged on!
If you enter you will be invited to the opening and closing ceremonies and enjoy the greatest place on earth for coarse angling – there is plenty of craic and anglers from all over Europe are invited to attend.

For more information, entry forms and travel arrangements please call KEVIN LOCKEE on 07736 129 627