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Week ending 22 April 2018

• Wonderful week at Rutland Water with a 6lb 12oz Brown and a 6lb Rainbow

• Grafham rod average 5.6 and biggest fish of the week is a superb 6lb 2oz Brown

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Pitsford, Ravensthorpe & Hollowell 01604 781350,
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Recreation Dept Anglian Water 01572 653021

Rutland Water
Fish 3,111 (season 7,610) Returns 350 (1,154) Rod average 8.88 (6.59)

It’s been another excellent week at Rutland Water with both bank and boat anglers catching from many areas of the reservoir. The weather has swung from Baltic to balmy with last week’s temperatures rising to over 70° which was a very welcome change from the previous week when we endured freezing, foggy conditions.

The warmer weather brought a considerable surge in this year’s buzzer hatches. Although small, the actual numbers coming off have been amazing with clouds showing over the hedgerows and shoreline late evening.

Anglers are complimenting the fishery on the quality and condition of the stock fish which are a good size and the specimen overwintered fish are showing in good numbers.

Browns estimated up to 6lb have been caught with the best fish of the week, a lovely 6lb 12oz Brown going to Bob Sandford from Southend on Sea. Toff Crowther, a no stranger to big fish, had two 5lb specimens off the shoreline last Monday. The biggest Rainbow of the week weighed 6lb and fell to Alan Eastlake who boat fished Barnsdale Creek with a humungus luring the specimen.

We have seen a steady number of overwintered rainbows with fish up to 3-3½lb along with a number at 2lb or more.

Areas where fish are being found are diverse from Burley Reach all the way through to Sykes Lane in the North. Then the Finches all the way through to the green bank, depending on the wind direction on the peninsula; on the south side of the water Fantasy Island through to East Creek and then on to New Zealand Point, again for bank and boat anglers alike. Fish are feeding hard on small buzzer. Some are also feeding on bloodworm, snails and shrimp. Prospects are excellent.

Please bear in mind that all boats are booked over the weekend of 28 and 29 April but it’s worth calling 01780 686441 in case of cancellations.

Rutland Water’s popular Tuesday evening boat league starts on 8 May.

Competition news
Anglian Water Airflo International Northern Heat
The 2018 AWAI competition got off to a flying start with no less than 43 anglers catching their limit. The earliest bag was recorded at 11.55 am. The best fish weighed 3lb 8oz and was caught by Harry Fox fishing for Team Vision. Rick Cooper fishing for winning team Airflo Team Costa ‘A’ took the best bag at 34lb 9oz.
Congratulations to the five teams that now qualify for the Northern Final on 16 July.
The top five teams were

1st Airflo Team Costa ‘A’ 84 fish for 189lb 14oz
2nd The Renegades 82 fish for 181lb 1oz
3rd Team Vision 82 fish for 175lb 7oz
4th Northern Drifters 80 fish for 174lb 8oz
5th Airflo Team Costs ‘B’ 77 fish for 167lb 7oz

Best Rainbow: 6lb taken by Alan Eastlake

Best Brown: 6lb 12oz taken by Bob Sandford.

Best boat areas: Normanton, Barnsdale, Dickensons Bay, Green bank.

Best bank areas: Normanton, Church to Fantasy, Finches to Barnhill Creek.

Best methods: Bank – Floating line with nymphs/buzzers, weighted lures.

Best methods: Boat – As for bank but include various sinking lines with lures, large and small.

Mid week boat winner: D Mitchell.

Fish stocked: 3,500.

Don’t forget Senior anglers can take advantage of discounted boats on Tuesdays – £20 per boat; Single man £14.

Forthcoming events
England Eliminator 29 April All boats booked
Tuesday Evening boat league commences 8 May
Anglian Water Rudder match 12 May
Airflo invitation match 17 – 20 May
Anglian Water Floating Line competition 26 May
Bob Church Classic 3 June
Anglian Water Over 50’s Match 23 June
Beginners courses 27 April; 6,18 & 25 May; 2,13,17 and 30 June and other dates throughout the season.
Boat handling courses 30 April; 15 & 31 May; 7 & 25 June and other dates throughout the season.

Grafham Water
Fish 671 (season 1,229) Returns 120 (280) Rod average 5.6 (4.4)

A great effort from the anglers this week, in changeable conditions, has seen another rise in the rod average to 5.6! Whether you are on the bank or on the boat everyone has a very decent chance at catching their bag.

We have seen some cracking results this week with good quantities of over wintered fish and better numbers too. Fish of the week fell to Gordon English, a huge 6lb 2oz brownie, an absolute beast of a fish.

Other outstanding fish included a lovely 5lb Rainbow taken by Mr Roland. Mr Pipe managed another big rainbow of 4lb 4oz, a quality fish. Some large brownies have been showing themselves with Mr Brocklebank landing a nice specimen at over 5lb. Mr Spall also landed a cracking brownie, not quite fish of the week, though a lovely specimen all the same weighing in at 5lb 8oz, off the bank on a mini snake

Again the fish seem to be up and down in the water column throughout the day so you need to be prepared on your trip. The general consensus between the anglers is that the fish are on the move and closer in than last week. Many are feeding on buzzer and daphnia, though the odd overwintered fish is turning up full of shrimp too.

Drifting is certainly the best way to enjoy a day on a boat currently, particularly with the recent westerly winds. We suggest drifting along the mouths and into the bays along the north shore to produce the best sport using floating lines and fishing the buzzer. Though this is not to say the lure is not working, many are still catching well on the lure, particularly cats whiskers, with intermediate lines and Di3-di5 working well. Some are finding that at times of the day the washing line is picking out some good fish, though try a weightless hare’s ear on a dropper for some good results.

The banks are fishing a lot better with fish being caught along the dam and many of the bays and points on the north shore. Brownies are feeding close in at the seat too and the harbour has seen an influx of specimen fish, particularly in the deeper water. Try early or late in the day for more rapid sport though the quieter areas of the reservoir will fish throughout the day.

Competition news
Snowbee Floating Line 14 April
Nineteen teams fished this match for a rod average of 3.51. The best bag including time bonus totalled 23lb 9oz and went to Graham Bodsworth, fishing for Invicta Z. Alex Urquhart, fishing for Greenwell Persuaders caught the best fish at 4lb 4oz.
Top four teams as follows (weights include time bonus)

1st ReelMen 21 fish for 44lb 15oz
2nd Invicta Blue 29 fish for 43lb 12oz
3rd Tunbridge Wells Blue18 fish for 42lb
4th Grafham Water FFA 17 fish for 40lb 5oz

Best Rainbow: 5lb taken by Mr Roland.

Best Brown: 6lb 2oz taken by Mr English.

Best boat areas: North shore bays, the bowl, Willows, Pig Bay, Hill Farm, Church Bay, Rainbow Point and Savages.

Best bank areas: North shore, Pylon, Deep Water Point, Hill Farm, Pig Bay, South dam and the Willows, Harbour Arms.

Best methods: See report.

Mid week boat winner: David Spall of Perry.

Fish stocked: 2,200.

Forthcoming events
Floating Line (by invitation) 5 May
Scierra Pairs 12 May
Invicta Pilgrimage (invitation) 24 & 25 May
EFFA ProAm 14 June
AWAI Midland heat 16 June
AWAI Southern final 9 July
AWAI Midland final 23 July

Beginners courses 5,20 & 26 May; 3,9,16 & 24 June and other dates throughout the season
Boat handling 1,14 & 28 May; 5 & 12 June and other dates throughout the season.

Pitsford Water
Fish 273 (season 1,367) Returns 63 (330) Rod average 4.4 (4.15)

The warm weather has helped raise the water temperature and this has brought the fish out of their slumbers at Pitsford with them now starting to feed on the huge buzzer hatches in earnest.

Gavin Friell was the first to find the resident fish feeding on buzzers, catching 13 fish on buzzers fished on a Kelly green intermediate line. His first six fish weighed an impressive 16lb 4oz with his best fish at 3lb 4oz.

Ian Spicer from Buckinghamshire was delighted with his recent day at Pitsford “Thank you, what a great water” he said after catching and releasing 15 fish. Edward Barder boat fished and caught and returned 15 fish, whilst M Spencer returned 14.

Phil Jordan fished buzzers along the dam frontage and caught 27 fish with two overwintered fish of 5lb and 4lb 8oz.

The boats are out fishing the bank at the moment with the fish feeding too far out for the bank anglers who are only picking up odd fish.
The best methods are teams of buzzers with a heavy one on point and fished as slowly as possible on anything from a floating line down to Di3.

Best Rainbow: 5lb taken by Phil Jordan.

Best boat areas: Dam, Stone Barn.

Best bank areas: Gravels and Gorse.

Mid week boat winner: Phil Wanless.

Forthcoming events
Beginners courses 3,16 & 19 May; 10,23 & 29 June and other dates throughout the season.
Boat handling courses 2, 17 & 29 May and other dates throughout the season
Anglian Water Rudder Match 5 May
AWAI Midland heat (by invitation) 26 May

Ravensthorpe Reservoir
Fish 447 (season 2,271) Returns 74 (292) Rod average 6.0(8.3)

A great week was had by most anglers who visited Ravensthorpe. Fish are switched on to the buzzers big time. Some individuals are catching large numbers of fish, bringing 20-30 to the net. Boats are the most popular method as in bright conditions the fish are just out of reach from bank anglers in deeper water. The dam wall is an exception.

There are no particular hot spots and the fish are well spread across the reservoir. This week’s midweek boat winner is John Crossan. The two biggest fish of the week both weighed 4lb and were taken by Phil Turner and Mark Draper.

The EMFTA match at Ravensthorpe last week was very eventful with Tracey Rathbone catching a 30lb plus Pike on a size 12 buzzer whilst fly fishing in the match! Fellow anglers Bob and Roger assisted in landing the fish. 21 anglers caught 198 fish, for a rod average of 9.4. Top boat went to Bill Knight and Ray Storer who had 31 fish to their boat.

Best Rainbow: Two at 4lb.

Best boat areas: Domes, Willows, Island.

Best bank areas: Platforms 4-8.

Mid week boat winner: John Crossan.