Big carp catcher and regular contributor to Advanced Carp Fishing, Jim Shelley has been at it again.

Not content with his recent capture of the mighty ‘Shoulders’, from Horton, at 45lb 5oz, Jim tackled the ultra hard, 90 acre Fen Drayton in Cambridgeshire for a feature shoot and nailed one of the big commons at a 38lb.

The carp was caught at very long range which was achieved by the use of a boat, over a small bed of particle feed and was nailed on a snowman presentation consisting Multiplex boilies.

Fen Drayton is an exceptional venue and is thought to contain only 80 carp, in its 90 acre span!

To top what was already an awesome bit of angling Jim went on to bank two smaller carp the following day, an impressive achievement from a water where two carp a season is a result.

Read the full story and learn how to tackle big water carp in the July issue of Advanced Carp Fishing magazine.