Sunday July 3rd
61 Fished.

. Fortunately, plenty of small fish were feeding which kept the anglers entertained even though the framing weights were lower than normal. Daiwa Gordon League’s Mark Brush finished ahead of the chasing pack with a 5-9-0 weight made up of quality roach on hemp seed topped off with a bonus eel. Drawn on peg 15, Mark fished chopped worms and casters at 14.5 metres, and fed his hemp swim down his peg at 11 metres.
Second placed Tim Kaye discounted big fish from his match plan, and targeted gudgeon on  the short pole with groundbait and pinkies. After catching around 100 fish here, he went long to find several slightly larger roach on hemp to make up his 5-4-0 bag.
Four flat float caught eels made up Matt Godfrey’s third placed weight. Matt fished 17.5 metres with chopped worms and casters to tempt fish to 2lb from unfancied peg 48.
Alan Stephens finished fourth with a 4-12-0 net of waggler caught chublets, which left Tony Marshall to back up his previous days victory with yet another frame place. Tony caught 4-8-0 of roach on the long pole with hemp.
1 Mark Brush 5-9-0 (peg 15)
2 Tim Kaye 5-4-0 (peg 27)
3 Matt Godfrey 4-13-0 (peg 48)
4 Alan Stephens 4-12-0 (peg 2)
5 Tony Marshall 4-8-0 (peg 25)
6 Ian Sutherland 3-14-0 (peg 47)
7 Howard Kaye 3-9-8 (peg 22)
8 Tony Skinner 3-9-0 (peg 64)

Mark Brush
Tim Kaye
Jim Smith