June issue



Five Minute Interview

Bait guru Allan Parberry gives his two-pennorth on all things carp.


Inside The Mind

Jim Shelley tackles the historic Fox Pool in this snag-fishing masterclass and lands his biggest carp of 2006.


Weekender – Mission Man

Part two of Steve Renyard’s quest to catch a thirty for the cameras. Steve reveals his latest innovation, the Hermit Lead, exclusively for ACF.


Sharp End

Bounty hunting explained. ACF’s millennium man, Nigel Sharp tells us how he targets, and catches


Jacko On Carp

Lee Jackson gets his maps out in search of uncaught monsters. Are there huge unknown carp out there waiting for the pioneering angler? Jacko thinks so.


Bait Kitchen

Do you need solutions to your bait questions? If so, you need to contact Tony Mills, our resident bait expert. Failing that, read him exclusively in ACF.


Moore Meanderings

Mr Moore is fast building up a cult following. This month he introduces his fizzy groundbait balls. Very nice!


Great Scott

June is spawning time and Dr Carp, Simon Scott, gets the textbooks out.


Castle’s Class

‘Lord of the Flies’ Pete Castle continues his analysis of the aquatic ecosystem and it’s effect on carp. This month concentrating on flies and nymphs.


Pick Of The Bunch

CEMEX Horton top rods Martin Pick and Dave ‘Beadle’ Slowen tell all about their successes on Church Lake.


The Pleasure Principle

Dave Levy’s a lightweight! He explains how cutting down on unnecessary tackle can lead to more captures!


Tales From The Bank

Darrell Peck versus the Fat Lady of the Lagoon! Unmissable


Session Man

Mike Winstone bags a whacker ‘in session’ with ACF.



More than £10,000 worth of tackle and bait to be won!