January 2006 issue

Steve’s Species Hunt

Perch are on the agenda this month as Shimano-backed Steve Ringer targets them on the Grand Union Canal and shows you how to keep your elastic stretching this winter.



Summer Baits In Winter?

As the temperature drops, Steve Gregory explains how to get the most from corn, pellets, meat and paste.



Bloodworm For Beginners

In the first of three features, Ricky Teale explains all there is to know about fishing the canal with the little red men.



The Venue Detective

We enlist the help of Daiwa Dorking captain Steve Sanders to show you how to approach top Southern match venue, Willinghurst Fisheries.



Bag On The Mag

Russ Tinklin explains how to catch a bumper net of fish on any commercial fishery with the help of the good-old maggot.



The Truth About Squatts

In the first part of APF’s new winter series, Mark Pollard shows you everything there is to know about using squatts on any natural venue.



What Rig?

River Avon ace Leigh Gardner tells you how to tackle flooded rivers with a pole feeder. It’s amazing what you can catch when the river is raging through.



Test Centre

This month, in a UK exclusive, we take the brand-new £250 Shimano Technium XTA 1300 onto the bank to see how it performs.


Plus… Accessorize and Pole Scene


All this, and a £1,000 Garbolino Competition – you have to be in it to win it!


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