July 2006


Advanced Pole Fishing




Darren Cox looks at how you can keep the fish coming all day long, by utilising different feeding approaches.


Top Tips

Here’s some of the best advice to see you through July.


Ask Will

England international Will Raison answers all of your pole-related questions, with prizes for all the featured problems.


Van Den Eynde Competition

We’ve got more than £1,000 of bait to be won, but you’ve got to be in it to win it.


Inside The Mind *NEW SERIES*

We follow top anglers through their matches to see when and why they make crucial decisions. This month it’s the turn of England international Paul Yates, at Lindholme Lakes.



Loads of pole fishing tackle put to the test.


Accessorize Specials

This month the spotlight falls on the Shimano Technium XTA Margin.


Test Centre

Three more poles are put to the sword to find out just how good they are. The Shimano Beast Master XTA Pro, Garbolino G Force Power and the MAP M-16 Power are the chosen ones.


Stuff We Use

The APF team offers its opinions on the kit it uses day in, day out.


Pole Directory

The ultimate pole-buyers guide.


How To…

Learn how to tie some of the strongest knots around.


MAP Competition

Win a MAP M-16 Power pole.


Like A Virgin

Mark Pollard shows you how to approach freshly dug commercial fisheries.


The Quick Fix Guide To… Margin Fishing

APF collects the information from the country’s best commercial anglers to give you the lowdown on margin fishing.


Venue Detective

APF steps across the border to check out Magiscroft, Scotland’s first-ever commercial coarse fishery.


Go Long

The Pole-Method is a very underused tactic, but is deadly when the fish are just out of normal pole range. Carp ace Rob Perkins shows you how to fish it effectively.


The Know-How

The ultimate guide to pole floats.


The Learner’s Guide To Paste Fishing

Don’t know how to fish paste effectively? Don’t despair, because APF has GOT Baits’ Trevor Price on the bank showing you everything you’ll ever need to know.