Matchman of the year lands huge Wels catfish on 5lb line for the TV cameras!

Andy May cradles a 35lb catfish – caught by accident on normal feeder gear while filming for OnlineFishing.TV .
Andy was tackling Lake 5 at Cudmore Fishery, showing how to fish the ‘pellet cone’ and catching plenty of carp.
But on his last cast of the day he latched into a fish he simply could not move.
Despite only fishing with 5lb line, Ultima backed Andy was able to slowly gain ground on the unseen monster, and could not believe his eyes when the massive Wels broke the surface.
“I’d been happily catching carp on corn about six metres off the far bank up until that point,” said Andy, who was filming a new episode of ‘The Session’ which can be seen by going to:
“Then I hooked this huge fish that I could not budge and I had no idea what it was – there aren’t supposed to be any catfish in there!”
Andy played the fish out for over 20 minutes, and cameraman Ian Chapman had to make a mad dash for a bigger landing net when Andy realised he had no chance of fitting the personal best catfish into his match net.
It turned out that Cudmore boss Cyril Brewster had moved some specimen fish from one of the Staffordshire venue’s other pools, but forgot to tell any of the anglers!
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