Great weights again this week with Bowes producing another cracking set of weights topped at 480lb in a match on Saturday by Dave Hudson, and tees valley angling not turning up for their match on Sunday on Bowes and no phone call, its an interesting issue as I booked them the lake!!!! and we were on their web site as a match today! no deposit taken so we were stiched up!

Sunday 11th Aug 2019 open Lookout Heavy rain all day!

Well interesting day heavy rains overnight and all through the day some very soaked anglers today.
ambient temperature dropped to 13 deg, wind was WSW 7mph then swung to N7mph, barometer 1006mb, water temp dropped to 16.5 deg, PH 8.20, DO9.10, mv 45

1st John Foster 177lb 9oz peg 15
2nd John Dryden 143lb 2oz peg 38
3rd Ethan Bradley 141lb 7oz peg 11

next match Wed on Bowes then Sunday on Lookout

Sat Aug 10th 2019 open Bowes WOW WOW Cracking weights again

Heavy rain overnight, overcast with rain showers, wind SSW 14 mph with gusts higher, barometer 998mb low, water temp 18 deg, DO 8.90, PH 8.55, mv 45

1st David Hudson 480lb 2oz peg 27 well done
2nd Ray Laing 314lb 03oz peg 1
3rd Steve Kean 255lb 4oz peg 35

Wed 7th Aug 2019 open Bowes windy

overcast and sunny spells, ambient temp 21 deg, very windy WSW 7 rising to W 16mph with higher gusts , barometer low 996mb, water temp 18.7 deg, PH 8.85, DO 8.90. mv 50

1st John Foster 377lb 04oz peg 22
2nd Neil Brown 235 lb 6oz peg 1
3rd Andy Proudfoot 234lb 5oz peg 5