Wed Eve matches start 7th May draw 5pm  fish 6 to 9pm £12.00  £7.00 goes into pools and £5.00

May 5th Bank Holiday Bowes Silver fish match please put names down 

Outstanding catches in matches with Sat on Bowes peg 15 Dave Pearson caught 91lb 2oz of silvers he went over one net so had 82lb 7oz, he also had 4 bream for 22lb some cracking fish all on maggot and fed casters, following Dave into 2nd place Graham Skirrey had 74lb 2oz on peg 34  Graham also won from this peg on Wed again all silvers , Gary Wardle wearside Angling and his students have had a remarkable week catching Ide to 3lb 2oz and lots of them around 2 to 3lb as well as some rudd, and roach with loads of tench, and some carp very productive catch rates. Lookout eg 16aa has been fantastic for pleasure anglers Peter West from Washington had over 40 carp out in a morning session aveage weight of 5lb to 7lb, Peg 29 has proved very well for catching 1lb plus crucians with Martin Craig catching over 15 good crucians as part of his catch and caught the on sweetcorn,  Peg 5 was a cracking peg for carp caught on pellet and paste, Bassetts has also had some excellent catches with carp, Ide, tench, rudd, roach, skimmers, crucians and wow some huge gudgeon being caught especially by students being coached this is a great little pond

Sat 26th April 2014 open Bowes
Conditions:- torrential rain overnight, then overcast showers then fair,  ambient temp 14 deg, wind E 11mph, barometer 1003.1 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp dropped 9.2 deg, PH 7.74, DO 10.4 mv –49
1st Dave Pearson 82lb 7oz peg 16 all silvers went over a net  had 91lb 2oz (4 bream for 22lb)  caught on maggot 
2nd Graham Skirrey 74lb 2oz peg 34 all silvers
3rd Richard Wildman 65lb 4oz peg 24 silvers 4th Rob Emery 57lb 15oz peg 3 

Sunday 27th April 2014 open Lookout
Conditions:  heavy fog, rain, rain, rain , ambient temp 8 deg, wind NE10 mph, barometer 1007.1 mb, moon phase waning crescent, DO 9.5, PH7.64, Temp 9.5, mv-51
1st Ian Lumb 56lb 4oz peg 5 
2nd Dave Pearson 49lb 1oz peg 3
3rd Chris Pine 37lb 14oz peg 25
4th John Foster 35lb 9oz peg 3
5th Graham Skirrey 28lb 14oz peg 24
6th Colin Pine 28lb 12oz peg 6

Sunday 27th April 2014 open Bowes Big WatersConditions:  heavy fog, rain, rain, and rain, ambient temp 8 deg, wind NE10 mph, barometer 1007.1 mb, moon phase waning crescent, DO 10.3, PH7.66, Temp 9.9, mv-51
1st Paul O Donnel 38lb 13oz peg 24 silvers
2nd Barry Evans  34lb 11 oz peg 22
3rd Nigel Ripley 34lb 10oz peg 40 

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