Another ton up this week with some fantastic weather this week (until week end) water temperatures have at last risen,  some really good fishing with carp being caught in big numbers fishing on pellet and paste, chopped worm caster and maggots doing well for silvers,  some cracking larger fish being caught also with anglers feeding heavy to keep fish in swims. 

Wednesday 8th April 2015 open Bowes Ton up 
Conditions:- overnight frost followed by sunny, ambient temp 17 deg, winf SSE 4 mph , Barometer high 1034.5 MB, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp rose 9.3 deg, DO 8.10, PH7.45 mv –45
1st John Dryden  total weight 180lb 11oz however lost one net 74lb 10oz  next net was 54lb so only allowed 50lb  and next  net was 52lb 1oz so only got 50lb total allowed 100lb on peg 40 
2nd Keith West 1  net allowed 50lb next net 46lb 12oz total 96lb 12oz peg 24
3rd Alan Mc Guire 55lb 7oz peg 22

Sunday 12th April 2015 
Conditions- heavy prolonged rain, ambient temp 6 deg, wind ssw 5 mph swinging to WNW 13 mph, barometer 1016 mb, Water temp 9.deg, DO 8.3 , PH 7.31 , MV –47
1st Dave Pearson 49lb 05oz peg 52nd Chris Pine 45lb 5oz peg 16aa3rd Martin Craig 26lb 10oz peg 3