Matches have produced ton ups even the 3 hour Friday eve John Foster produced 108 lbs and Wed 104lb and Sundays peg 1 Martin Craig caught 103lb 6oz

Feed with angel pellets and band angel pellet on hook for some great bags of carp or use chopped worm and caster or maggots for quality silvers or try making paste out of angel 3mm pellets and wrap around 10mm pellets to target carp in a different method.

Some anglers are getting some superior sized quality fish on all lakes, Bowes has produced one of the largest fish in the lake which is still full of eggs lets hope the weather warms the water temperature up to get them through spawning its very late for carp spawning,

Fishing tight in margins is producing some quality fish also going out mid water up in the water and trickle feeding pellets over the top.

Sunday 9th Aug 2015 open Lookout Ton up

Conditions:- overnight rain, partly cloudy, ambient temp 16 deg, wind 9 mph, barometer 1016mb, moon phase wanning gibbous, water temp 16.4 deg. DO 11.03, PH 7.08, MV-18

1st Martin Craig 103lb 6oz peg 1

2nd Karl Halam dt floats 56lb 5oz peg peg 5

3rd Martin Atkin 54lb 9oz

Friday Eve 7th Aug 2015 open Lookout ton up

Conditions:-Mostly sunny, ambient temp 18 deg, barometer 1019,b, wind 0

Water temp 15.01 deg, ph 6 79, DO 10.2, mv –21

1st John Foster 108lb 14oz peg 5

2nd Norman Laing 67lb 11oz peg 11

3rd Ray Laing 62lb 14oz peg 1

Wed 5th Aug 2015 open Bowes ton up

Condition:- partly cloudy, ambient temp 14 deg, wind S8 mph, barometer 1009mb, water temp 14 deg, DP 9.25, PH 7.40, mv –36

1st John Foster 104lb 10oz peg 40

2nd Alan Simmons 56lb peg 4