Outstanding fishing on Bowes with large carp to 26lb 8oz a mirror caught by Fed Mason from The boarders on banded angel pellet covered in paste, down to home bred carp at 1lb loads of fry on this pond which looks great for the future, the tench are growing well with a 3lb 8oz golden tench caught and best bream was 10lb 9oz putting weight back on after spawning earlier in year,
Lookout is fishing on every peg with some exceptional quality of fish being caught high numbers of crucians, tench, rudd, roach and carp as well as skimmers and bream all feeding very hard,
George Arrnot from Manchester with his father caught fish a chuck on peg 3 and 4 on island all day long the went home very tired but very happy after enjoying their day out.
John and Joyce West fishing Bassetts both caught over 100 fish each and was snapped of by a big fish, . Angling coaching on this pond has gone very well with over 100 new visitors this week all catching well.

Best hook baits banded angel 8 or 10mm pellets paste made out of angel 3 mm pellets, worm maggot caster soft hookers inc expanders, cubes luncheon meat, mussel, prawn,

keep angel feed pellets going in well to keep the fish at your swim.

Sunday 17th Aug 2014 open windy and gusts

Conditions:- Cloudy and windy, ambient temp 17 deg, wind W 30 mph gusts to 42 mph, barometer 989. 6 mb, moon phase last quarter, water temp 14.1 deg, ph 7.14, DO 8.95
1st Carl Redhead 69lb 8oz peg 32
2nd Chris Pine 64lb 10oz peg 25
3rd John Foster 60lb 3oz peg 24
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