PB for some customers this week even after the torrential rain and thunder and lightening storms must have has 4 inches of water add to the levels on the lakes this week.

Excellent catch rates on banded angel 10 mm pellet over 6 mm feed pellets and chopped worm and caster also maggot catching silvers in abundance with best bream out 9lb 2oz and best ide was 3lb 10oz also quality rudd and roach

Sunday 23rd Aug 2015 open Lookout

Conditions:- overnight torrential rain and thunder and lightening, followed by stunning sunrise and blue skys, ambient temp 20 deg, wind ESE 16 mph with high gusts, barometer 1006mb, moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp 17.2 deg, PH 7.31, DO 8.9

1st Derek Fox 74lb 15oz peg 5

2nd Dan Jones 69lb 9oz peg 25

3rd Geordie Atkin 50lb 15oz peg 42

Wed 19th Aug 2015 open Bowes Ton up

Conditions- rain all day yesterday, then partly cloudy, ambient temp 21 deg, wind S14 mpg, barometer 1013mb, moon phase waxing crescent water temp17.5 deg, PH 7.31, DO 7.5

1st John Foster 109lb 14oz peg 24

2nd John Dryden 72lb 10oz peg 3

3rd Geordie Atkin 40lb 2oz peg 4

Matches for next 6 months now are

Sunday 9am draw Lookout

Wed 9am draw Bowes

Ann Adlington