Well late, late, late the carp spawned this week they started back in June to suddenly stop as cold rain dropped ambient and water temp and water temp has just came back up this week, so at last we have all species now spawned.
Some very good sized fish being caught with a spectacular 2lb 11oz rudd, on Bowes as well as a 11lb 2oz bream again on Bowes and one of our largest carp a common.
Lookout is proving very good with high numbers of fish caught and again some cracking individually sized fish.
Bassetts should be open by Monday as some good carp showing,
Best hook baits have been chopped worm, caster, maggot, mussel, angel paste and pellet, best feed has been angel pellets chopped worm and maggot.

Sunday 30th Aug 2015 open Lookout
Conditions:-Partly Cloudy, ambient temp 19deg, wind started calm, swung to S ended up WNW 8mph, barometer 1019mb, moon phase Full, water temp 18.3 deg, ph 7.19, DO 9.4, mv –32
1st John Nelson 75lb 11oz peg 5
2nd Alan Mc Guire 64lb 9oz peg 28
3rd Jonny Maven 63lb 13oz peg 3 went over 1 net

Wed 26th Aug 2015 open Bowes
Conditions:- heavy overnight rain, then cloudy and sunny spells, ambient temp 18 deg, wind SSW 18mph, low barometer 996mb, water temp 19.01 deg, PH 7.32 DO 6.6, mv –54
1st Geordie Atkin 58lb .05oz peg 2
2nd John Foster 47lb 4oz peg 24
3rd Chris Pine 46lb 11oz peg 4
Next match Bank Holiday Monday 31st Aug and Wed and Sunday

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