Sunday 30th Nov 2014 Open Lookout

Conditions, cloudy, ambient temp 11deg  wind NNE 3mph, barometer 1015.9 mb,   moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp 5.3 deg, ph 7.33, DO 7.2, mv –30

1st Brad 56lb 3oz peg 16aa

2nd Jamie Stephenson 32lb 4oz chopped worm and caster peg 22

3rd John Dryden 29lb 11oz peg 15

Carp catching and still full of fight of certain pegs whilst other pegs producing some good weights of silvers, expander pellets, chopped worm and caster, double or treble maggots, doing well, soak micro or 3 mm pellets very well so just running liquid to cloud water and bring in the shoals, carp keeping tight in reeds then taking of and fit as anything. Silvers from good bream at double figures to ide and orf at 3lb plus as well as rudd roach all happy to take maggot and chopped worm and caster .

Pole has worked well out 13 meters and feeder or float tight to reeds.

Bowes on waggler using triple maggot catching well 


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