A hot ending to the week with water temperature hitting the highest temp for years, fish happier feeding dusk and dawn when sun light fading , best baits try on the hook maggots, worm, paste, caster and pellet, mussle and prawn also try sweetcorn,  do feed well.

Some good fish out very early in the morning  eg Peter Craig a season  ticket holder fishes 3am to 6pm and bags up he had a cracking 19lb 2oz mirror, a 16lb 7oz mirror and a common full of eggs at 23lb 9oz all on Bowes.
Lots of fish being caught on Lookout with some excellent crucians 17 in total to Alice Evans from Manchester together with Carp, and 11 tench also a 2lb 13oz perch (with a mouth full of fry).

Bassetts has been very productive as loads of schools, clubs, and ypouth clubs booking coaching and everyone catching high numbers of fish but also getting some good sun tans
When you are fishing make sure you keep both margins fed as fish are very close in and up in the water. A pleasure to enjoy these warm days.

Sunday 7th July 2013 open Lookout
Conditions: fair, ambient temp 24 deg, wind E 9 then ENE  10 mph, barometer  1033.9 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 20.2 deg, ph 7.65, DO 7.05
1st John Foster 48lb 14oz peg 11
2nd Peter Jackson 43lb 15oz peg 24
3rd Graham Skirrey 33lb 14oz peg 42
4th Richard Wildman 32lb 8oz peg 1
5th Dave Pearson26lb 14oz peg 32
6th Peter Cairns 24lb 12oz peg 16aa

Sat 6th July 2013 open Bowes hot day very bright
Conditions:- Sunny , ambient temp 26 deg, wind S 5mph, barometer 1028.1mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 18.5 deg, PH 7.70, DO 6.75  
1st Jonny Trainor 48lb 8oz 34
2nd Graham Skirrey 39lb 14oz peg 40
3rd Dave Pearson 35lb 7oz peg 1
4th Alister Morris 25lb 4oz peg 37
5th Allan Simmons 25lb 01oz peg 22
6th Shaun Howe 23lb 05oz peg 24

Wed 3rd July 2013 open Bowes 
Conditions Partly cloudy, ambeint temp 17 deg, wind W 5mph, barometer 1001.1 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 17 deg, Ph 7.55, DO 7.15
1st Richard Wildman 78lb 10oz peg 3
2nd John Dryden 73lb 07oz peg 40
3rd Graham Skirrey 59lb 10oz peg 23

Monday 1st July 2013 eve open Bowes and Lookout
Conditions, partly cloudy, ambient temp 17 deg, wind W 19mph,  barometer 1012.2 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 15.7 deg, PH 8.29, DO 6.42
1st Chris Watson 57lb 2oz peg 24 Lookout well done Chris
2nd Chris Owers 53lb 1oz peg 37 Bowes
3rd John Dryden 44lb 02oz peg ? lake ?
4th Brad 39lb 4oz peg 22
5th Jonny Trainor 27lb peg 24 Bowes
6th Ian Foster 24lb 7oz peg 16aa
John Foster had 81lb however he lost one carp net as the weight was 61lb 3oz in it and the limit is 50lb if you weigh up to 59lb 13oz you get a 50lb weight but over 60lb you get that net disqualified