Ton up match weight and good week of catches in between weather variations, and differences from torrential rain, high winds to calm and sunny no wonder anglers don’t know what methods of fishing to stick to. Some cracking carp have been caught best weight is 27lb 10oz with average carp now between 5 to 7lb , lots of quality bream best was 10lb 7oz post spawning, quality golden tench, and green tench to 4lb 10oz , Ide to 4lb as well as 2lb rudd thankfully all silvers now spawned tench just started so if weather keeps warm should get all species through , margin fishing is doing very well as warmer water there,

Cracking catches on pellet and paste (angels) and chopped worm, caster, maggot for silvers, try mussel, and prawn on hook and fire angel feed pellets over top to get fish in swim, cubes of luncheon meat on hook , or sweetcorn on hook feeding angel pellets over top

Get fish to your swim and a cracking day will be had

Sunday 19th July 2015 open Lookout Ton Up

Conditons:- heavy rain and wind overnight, then partly cloudy, ambient temp 17 deg, barometer 1006 mb, moon phase waxing crescent, DO 8.9, PH 7.32, water temp 17.1 deg, mv –41

1st Mike Babbs 142lb 14oz peg 5

2nd John Foster 61lb 11oz peg 38

3rd Lee Slater 55lb 2oz peg 28

Fr00iday eve 17th July 2015 open Lookout

Conditions:- rain overnight and early morning, then partly cloudy, ambient temp 19 deg, wind WSW 19mph barometer 1006 mb, water temp 17.4 deg, ph 7.29, DO 9.2 mv –52

1st Peter Wilson 70lb 01oz peg 24

2nd Boggy 63lb 11oz peg 5

3rd John Foster 62lb 1oz peg 25

weekly matches

Sunday draw 9 am Lookout

Wed draw 9 am Bowes

Fri eve draw 5pm Lookout

Wed 15th July 15 open Bowes

Conditions:- partly cloudy, ambient temp 18 deg, barometer 1019mb, wind NNE 9 mph water temp 18.1 deg, DO 8.8, PH7.05 mv –20

1st Mike Babbs 87lb 6oz peg 36

2nd John Dryden 77lb 13oz inc a 15lb 1oz common peg 1

3rd John Foster 70lb 15oz peg 2

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