Wow what a week for catches  John Needler from Thirsk in a half day afternoon session on Friday on Bowes used his clicker to record his catches in lbs weight and it recorder over 400 lb in a 7 hour period Wow he did use 6 bags of angel pellets to get this high catch rate.

Bowes fishing outstanding with some cracking numbers and range of species coming out with Mike Green from Washington fishing angels  pellet and paste took a 27lb 3oz carp a common in great condition.

Lookout has had awesome fishing with all species catching lots of carp, tench, and crucians but also all other species best golden tench 3lb 2oz, best bream was 7lb 4oz, and best ide was 3lb 6oz high numbers getting caught.

Bassetts cracking fishing with all species being caught best carp out was 5lb 1oz a common,

Loads of fry on all ponds after all species have spawned so great for future,

Make sure you feed well angel  pellet and paste is realy working very well, mussel, prawn, cubes meat, add hemp and groundbait together add some crushed mashed strawberries, or bananas and wait for the reaction of the fish realy mind blowing how they love the sweet flavours in summer.

Pellet waggler has been used well to catch great numbers of fish, use float or top two at your feet also but make sure you hold on tight to rod or pole as boy do the fish pile the speed on to hit the reeds. mid water or over the far bank or back of the island is doing so very well also in fact you realy can not fail to catch very well.

Sunday 20th July 2014 open Lookout

Conditions:- heavy overnight rain, mostly cloudy and muggy, ambient temp 25 deg, humidity 55%, wind N 5 mph, barometer 1011.6 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 15.5 deg, PH7.41, DO 7.9, mv –47

1st  Martin Craig 53lb 15oz peg 9

2nd Rob Emery 46lb 3oz peg 3

3rd  Chris Pine 41lb 12oz peg 5

also to stop rumors we are keeping lakes and running them ourselves as past 10 years


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