Sunday 6th July 2014 open Lookout
Conditions:- Partly Cloudy, ambient temp 17 deg, wind ENE 4 mph,  barometer 1003.7, moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp 14.4, PH 7,19, DO 8.2, mv –39
1st John Foster 105lb 15oz peg 15
2nd Martin Craig 68lb 1oz peg 13
3rd Neil Brown 61lb 2oz peg 3

Another Ton up on Lookout  and excellent fishing very close in, mid water, and far bank also on pellet waggler and top 2 at your feet, keep the fish fed on Angel pellets, maggots, chopped worm, add groundbait and mix in caster or chopped worm even mashed bananas to get fish feeding in your swim, try mussel on the hook, maggot, caster, chopped worm, prawn, cubes luncheon meat, pellet and paste for cracking catch rates.

“Had a cracking few hours fishing yesterday, we ended up with over 50 carp, a tench, few skimmers and a couple of gudgeon for good measure. We caught a couple of bigger carp which my mate loved trying to land. Unfortunately one took him into the reeds and the elastic snapped in his whip, I managed to retrieve the end bit and the float,” Adam Brougham Assistant Director | Tyne & Wear Sport fishing an 4 pm to 8 pm session on Bassetts 

Lookout Lookout has fished remarkably with lots of anglers getting their best fishing ever and even going home early as to tired to continue catching so many fish, David Price from South Shield estimated he had over 350 lb in an afternoon session he left an hour early as his arms ached so much.