Some great catches from 26lb carp to tench of 7lb 3oz and cracking ide of 3lb 9oz, bream at 9lb 3oz And lots of mixed bags
Target carp on feeding angel pellets over paste made from angel 3mm, target silvers on chopped worm and caster, multiple maggot on hook, try angel pellets as feed with soft hookers on hook, 
Down the margins for good carp and silver fish

Sunday 30th May 2015 open Lookout 
Conditions:- heavy overnight rain, rain & showers through day ,WIND ROSE TO GUSTS w22 MPH, ambient temp 11 deg, barometer 999mb, water temp dropped 10.6 deg, ph 7.30, DO 8.3, mv –33
1st Colin Metcalf 80lb 11oz (went over silvers net) peg 32
2nd Derek Fox 78lb 7oz peg 16aaa
3rd Dave Pearson 78lb 1oz peg 3 
4th Chris Pine 71lb 12oz peg 13
5th Paul Jackson 69lb 7oz peg 38
6th Graham Skirrey 60lb 12oz peg 3 

Friday eve 29th May 2015 open Lookout
Conditions:- Heavy rain and ambient temp 11 deg, water temp 11.3 deg PH 7.54, DO 7.95 mv –38
1st John Foster 61lb 14oz peg 29
2nd Chris Pine 49lb 7oz peg 5
3rd Dave Pearson 46lb 2oz peg 13

Wed 27th May 2015 open Bowes ton up 
Conditions: overcast, ambient temp 13 deg, wind SW13mph, barometer 1019mb, water temp 12.1 deg, PH7.55, DO7.85, mv-39 last hour cold rain yuk 
1st John Foster 173lb 11oz peg 40
2nd Jonny Maven 69lb 13oz peg 18 inc a common 18lb 2oz 
3rd Kim Christie 64lb 10oz peg 4

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