This week has seen some fantastic fishing across the Angel of the North fishing complex. Lookout has been producing some excellent mixed bags of carp and quality silver fish..


Fishing soft pellet or paste over angel 3mm pellets has been accounting for huge catches of carp on the pole or fishing 10mm pellets on the bomb or pellet waggler has all so worked well.


For the silvers maggots or worm and caster fished short on the pole or waggler has caught lots of big skimmers ide and crucians. On Bowes the carp continue to feed despite changes in the weather. Again fishing a hard pellet or paste over a bed of 3mm pellet in the margins has produced large numbers of carp and quality bream and ide.


Sunday 21st June 2015 open Lookout

conditions:- Partly cloudy, ambient temp 14 deg, wind W 18mph gusts to 25 mph, barometer 1018.3 mb, moon phase wanning crescent, Water temp 12.9   ph 7.33  DO8.1 mv –44

1st Derek Fox 59lb 10oz peg 32

2nd Ethan 55lb 6oz peg 5

3rd Graham Skirrey 54lb 6oz peg 3


Friday eve 19th June 2015 open Lookout

Conditions  overcast and windy  ambient temp 13 deg, water temp dropped 12.2 deg ph 7,45, DO 7,45

1st Jamie 49lb 4 oz peg 16aa

2nd Peter Wilson 48lb 4oz peg 15

3rd Geordie Atkin 38lb 1oz peg 29


Wed 17th June open Bowes

Conditions:- Partly cloudy and windy W20 mph gusts to 28 mph, ambient temp 20 deg, barometer 1015.2mb moon phase waxing crescent, water temp rose to 16.9 deg,  PH 7.34, DO 5.5 mv –34

1st  Jonny Maven 70lb 5lb peg 24

2nd Geordie Atkin 66 Lb 03oz peg 1

3rd John Dryden 62lb 14oz peg 22