Ton up on Wednesdays  match on Bowes fishing which very well this week especially early or later in the day, Lookout in 3 hours on Friday Eve match produced 76lb 12oz and great weights as back up , Bassetts at present is closed.

Angel pellet and paste made from angels 3 mm doing very well for carp, as is chopped worm and caster for silvers, with luck we might get water temperature up if weather forecast is correct which will increase catch rates but only if you feed very well.


Sunday 28th June 2015 open Lookout

Conditions:- Overnight rain followed by cloudy then bright sun, ambient temp 22 deg, wind WSW 14 MPH, barometer  1013MB, water temp 13.8 deg, ph 7.21, DO8.22 mv –33

1st Paul Jackson 47lb4oz peg 28

2nd Neil Brown 44lb 12oz peg 9

3rd Lee Slater 41lb 8oz peg 5

4th Dave Hodson 40lb 2oz peg 25

5th Dave Pearson 35lb 4oz peg 30

6th Shaun Doyle 32lb 11oz peg 3


Friday Eve 26th June 2015 open Lookout

Conditions:-  overnight rain and in morning then cloudy and sunny spells, ambient temp 19 deg, wind SSW 14 mph, marometer 1013 mb, water temp 13.6 deg, DO 8.1  ph 7.11

1st Jamie Stevenson 76lb 12oz peg 1

2nd John Foster 72lb 13oz peg 15

3rd Mick Babbs 67lb 10oz peg 20

4th Peter Wilson 66lb 9oz peg 25


Wed 24th June 2015 open Bowes Ton Up

Conditions:- rain, overcast, ambient temp 11 deg, wind SSE 5mph, barometer 1019mb, water temp 13.3 deg, ph 7.23, DO7.8 mv-38

1st Jonny Maven 137lb 02oz peg 24

2nd John Dryden 61lb 14oz peg 40

3rd Graham Skirrey 38lb 3oz peg 2