Ton Up and Some cracking catches even though most days are cold , overcast with  north winds, rain also where is the Sun? its Summer ?
Pellet waggler up in the water has worked very well, pole in margins, feeder and bomb to back bank tight in also doing well.
Hook baits Pellet, chopped worm, caster and maggot all with excellent results, Paste made out of Angel 3mm pellets coming into its own now also.
Feed angel 6mm pellets over 10mm pellet on hook or caster and maggot over chopped worm , some excellent very large double sized carp being caught, Rudd at 2lb plus showing in Lookout and Bowes, Ide over 4lb on both bigger lakes, Tench, Perch, Roach , Orfe ,Bream and Skimmers,  Chub all catching well, Just feed heavy to keep fish in swim and catches are excellent ,
Monday 30th May 2016 Colin Pine Memorial Lookout Ton UP
Conditions:-Overcast with Sprinkles of rain,  ambient temp 11 deg cold, wind N 9mph, barometer 1023mb, water temp 14.8 deg, PH 7.45, DO 9.28, mv –55
1st Dave Hudson 109lb 14oz peg 16aa
2nd Trev Wilson 98lb 2oz peg 2
3rd John Dryden 86.00 peg 1
4th Chris Owers 55lb peg 27
5th Norman Laing 48lb 5oz peg 7
6th Carl Redhead 47lb 4oz peg 32
Sunday 29th May 2016 open Lookout
Conditions:- Partly Cloudy, ambient temp 14 deg, wind ENE 9mph, barometer 1020.7 mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 15.5 deg , PH 7.75, DO 12.4 mv –61
1st Peter Alderton, 75lb 7 oz peg 1
2nd Dave Pearson 66lb 14oz peg 16aa
3rd Derek Fox 66lb 11oz peg 32
4th Loius Walsh 51lb 13oz peg 27
5th Chris Gowling 46lb 4oz peg 11
6th Ian Lumb 46lb 2oz peg 22
EVE Friday 28th May 2016 open Lookout
After Cold heavy rain Thursday and Fri Morning the wind swinging to ENE
1st P Neave 56lb 10oz peg 5
2nd Martin Atkin 40lb 7oz peg 1 
3rd John Dryden 34lb peg 15
Wednesday 25th May 2016 open Bowes horrid wet cold day
Conditions:- Partly Cloudy, ambient temp 9 deg (cold), wind cold cutting  N 14 mph, barometer 1020.2mb,moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 12.6 deg, Ph 7.55, DO 8.85, mv –35
1st Dave Pearson 90lb 15oz peg 24
2nd Martin Atkin 83lb 5oz peg 22
3rd John Dryden 75lb 02oz peg 16


Wed Day Bowes 9am draw
Fri EVE  Lookout 5pm draw
Sunday Lookout 9am draw
Names are being taken for above matches each week
Sat Matches may be a possibility every other Sat on Bowes if enough people show an interest