Some very hardy anglers still catching well despite the artic snow, sleet and high winds that have been hitting us this week
Wed 18th Nov 2015 open Bowes
Very windy very wet
1st John Foster
2nd Rob Emery
Saturday 21st Nov 2015 pole only fortnightly match on Lookout
Freezing cold, west wind 20mph so chill factor,
1st Ray Laing 21lb 6oz peg 24
2nd Jamie Stevenson 16lb 7oz peg 22
3rd John Foster 15lb 8oz peg 25b
Sunday 22nd Nov 2015 open Lookout
Overight snow and then sleet and freezing conditions west wind 12mph, water temp dropped to 5.6  deg,
1st Chris Pine 23lb 04oz
2nd Martin Craig 13lb 4oz
3rd Dave Pearson 8lb 3oz
Tough conditions well done everyone
pleased we are in the sun xxx
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