Lakes got topped up well Tuesday and Wednesday with anglers still catching in torrential downpours most of the week pellet waggler working with fish up in the water,  when ledgering entice the fish with mix of hemp, maggots and add some (chopped banana still warm enough for sweet items) or try a little mashed banana in your angel pellet paste produces some interesting results especially for silvers, but carp also taking this, chopped worm and caster doing very well as is pellet with pellet to feed.
Best carp out was a 17lb 6oz mirror by John Downs from Hartlepool, on pellet with pva bagged pellet  Andrew Meadows had some cracking carp  in the match with one about 10lb .
Best Bream was 8lb 5oz, and best ide was 3lb 10oz, good sized perch, chub, orfe,  rudd and roach being caught and a lovely golden tench of 4lb 1oz with good green tench also getting caught. Some excellent crucians best 3lb 5oz a lovely golden dinner plate shape,  another week of good size fish  however fish coming together but still loads in margins.
Sunday 11th Oct 2015 open
Conditions:- overcast, ambient temp 12 deg,  wind calm then SE 5mph, barometer 1019mb,                                       Water temp 12.1 deg, PH 7,35, DO 7.96
1st Andrew Meadows 64lb 1oz peg 24
2nd Norman Laing 63lb peg 15
3rd Dave Pearson 47lb 2oz peg 25
Friday  9th Oct 2015 Hmrc Fishing Club
Conditions- partly cloudy, ambient temp 15 deg, wind calm then SSE 6mph, barometer 1023 mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 11.9 deg, PH 7.59, DO 6.8, mv –79
1st Steve Guy 43lb 13oz peg 5
2nd Richard Wildman  33lb 11oz 16aa
3rd Ray Bailey  25lb 4oz peg 3
Wed 7th Oct 2015 open Bowes
After torrential rain yesterday and even heavier  overnight  with rivers of rain and flooding on roads , it continued all day to rain , ambient temp  11 deg,  barometer 1009mb, wind  W14 mph  water temp 9 deg, DO 7.56, Ph 7.45, mv45
1st a vey wet Rob Emery 38lb 15oz peg  22
2nd  a very wet John Dryden 28lb 8oz  peg 24
3rd a very wet Jon Foster 27lb 9oz peg 4
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