Good fishing if you get on shoal as after a couple of frosts this week water temperature dropped fish are gathering together in shoals,   keep feeding margings as some good catches still coming from close in at your feet,  mid water also catching well, Pellet and balls paste, maggot catching carp and silvers,  and chopped worm and caster are great  baits for this water temperature

Some excellent sized carp coming out as well as best bream of 13lb 9oz  on Bowes, a 17lb 6oz carp from Lookout and large Ide in excess of 3lb 8oz, golden tench 3lb 7oz, and some cracking  other good sized fish.

Some of our junior anglers catching better than dads and moms at the moment well done to you all.

Sunday 4th Oct 2015 open Lookout

Conditions:- A couple of frosts this week, then Overcast ambient temp 11 deg, wind E 5mph, barometer  1013mb,  water temp down 9 deg, DO 7.95,  PH  7.45

1st Dave Pearson 39lb 15oz peg 3

2nd  Anth Murry 34lb 3oz peg 1

3rd Martin Craig 33lb 3oz peg 24

Wed 30th Sept 2015 open Bowes

Conditions:- cold overnight down to 4 deg,  Partly cloudy, ambient temp 15 deg, wiind S5 swung to ESE 6mph,   barometer high 1040mb, water temp dropped to 11 deg, Ph 7.45, DO 7.6 mv-35

1st John Dryden 64lb 9oz peg 22

2nd Alan Mc Guire 52lb 14 oz peg 24

3rd  Anth  Murry 52lb 04oz peg 2

Winter league

Once a fortnight on Lookout Island on a Saturday  a Pole only Match series  at £20.00 entry  starting from Nov 7th   2015 till March 12th   2016 

Spring League starts  Sunday march 20th  till June 12th 2016

Please phone to put names down  01914100449

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