Fishing is still on top form  as the water warms back up the fish are back on the feed with pellet and paste producing the goods on  lookout lake were David James from sunderland took 27 carp in a half day session on lookout on peg 14 gary wardle coaching for wear vally angling had 30 carp to 19lb 5oz allcaught on banded pellet. Derek potter fishing peg 40 on bowes caught 49 carp and 18 skimmers on hair rigged corn

 Sunday 19th october 2014 open lookout

 Conditions: cloudy and strong winds to 42mph west barom 1001.4 mb Do 7.9        watertemp 9.2deg ph 7.27 

 1st Chris pine 113lb 12oz peg 16aa

2nd Ethan Bradley 60lb 10oz peg 22

3rd David Dodge 47lb 10oz peg 15