Lookout is still fishing fantastic 


Another ton up out however John Nelson went over his net by 9lb 14oz, just  2oz from losing that net lucky lucky lad,  even targeting species is doing very well with Colin Cambell from Carlisle targeting tench caught 26 green tench and 14 golden tench as well as 13 carp and a good mix of silvers on the island peg 7Large Carp of double figures being caught well on pellet up in the water with 5 am to 8 am at the moment doing very well for season ticket holders with Mark Beadsly doing outstanding on Bowes.Feeding up to get more fish is the key to keep fish being caught on all lakes with angel feed pellets doing so very well when banded on the hook over the pellet as feedBassetts had 10 year old Master greens birthday party had the smallest angler nearly getting pulled into the pond as he caught a very large carp he landed it with help and won the biggest fish of the session everyone caught very wellFeed angel pellets and on the hook use maggot, worm, caster, cubes of luncheon meat, mussel, shrimp, soft pellets, banded angel hard pellets, paste and sweetcorn. 

Sunday 14th Sept 2014 open  

Lookout Ton up but reduced Conditions:- Mostly cloudy, ambient temp 16 deg, wind ENE 4 mph rising to 10 mph, barometer 1028.9mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 12.1 deg, DO 8.96, PH 7.34, mv –43

1st John Nelson actually had 106lb 5oz  but went over net so 96lb 7oz peg 1  2nd Alan Mc Guire 96lb peg 16aa3rd Chris Pine 95lb 5oz peg 54th Carl Redhead 61lb 6oz peg 35th Jonny Maven 60lb 8oz peg 246th Trevor Wilson 52lb 9oz peg 25