Cracking catch rates due to warm weather this week has raised the water temperature  to 11 deg, giving all fish species longer to feed up and prepare themselves for the cold weather ahead. Some huge numbers of Carp to double figure are being caught for example Wear valley angling s Adam Gradon caught over 160lb of carp on peg 39 on Bowes, the average catch by the students was 120lb each.

On Bowes also the large Bream to 12lb 10oz introduced 4 years ago have bred very prolifically and skimmers are now also a breed you can target and cach in large numbers,  the tench have also bred very well and now being caught to 4lb 10oz , the smallest carp was this years home bred around 6 oz and absolutely stunning little common, Rudd also Roach and Ide have all multiplied in good numbers and increased in size well, this has good range of species to target.

Lookout also having some cracking pleasure anglers weight and numbers of fish caught,Ghosties caught on pellet have weighed in at 14lb 4oz  as well as a 13lb 13oz and a 13lb 7oz lots more double figures, a cracking mirror carp caught was 15lb 1oz and lots of carp catching on angel pellets banded on pellet waggler up in the water.

All species catching well with crucian city around peg 21 and 17 with average crucians 1lb to 3lb, lots being caught, tench and perch doing well on worm, maggot catching all silvers, the island pegs doing fantastic close in and excellent catches of all species.

Bassetts is fishing so very well all species catching with best carp out 8lb 2oz  great pond for all ages and cracking catches.

Angel pellets banded, soft pellets, maggot, cubes meat, caster, worm, paste, sweet corn on hook all doing well still, use angel pellets as feed, or mix into paste and ball / cup in, hemp, chopped maggot, chopped worm all as feed to keep fish in swim, still keep a swim in front of you close in, try up in the water and mid water for some good catches on the bottom if all else fails.

Sunday 28th Sept 2014 open Lookout

Conditions:- cloudy, ambient temp 19 deg, wind NW 4mph, barometer 1019.3 mb, moon phase waxing crescent, water temp 11 deg, PH7.60, DO8.9

1st Jonny Maven 95lb 6oz peg 1

2nd Lee Slater 92lb 3oz peg 38

3rd Chris Pine 89lb 14oz peg 25

4th Rob Rundle 65lb 4oz peg 32

5th John Foster  65lb 3oz peg 15

6th John Dryden 55lb 14oz peg 11


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