Wow some absolutely stunning size quality fish have been caught this week.

It is worth targeting Tench green 7lb 1oz caught , Rudd over 2lb in weight caught, Ide 4lb, Chub, Perch of 4lb 4oz deep stripes and huge mouth, quality other species as well as massive carp .

Try Angel Pellet 8 mm banded on hook and angel 3mm pellets made into paste to also go on hook , feed 6 mm or 8 mm pellets over the top.

Try wrapping paste around the pellet breaks down like groundbait in suspension up a hight in water about 2 ft from surface, try hemp chopped worm and caster as feed with worm on hook working great for quality large fish, and multiple maggots on hook and maggots to feed.

Wow season ticket holder doing fantastic night fishing lakes totally switch on and fish feed at dusk and dawn.

Sunday 17 July 2016 open Lookout

Conditions:- partly cloudy, ambient temp 17 deg, barometer 1019mb, wind W 6 mph, water temp 15.7 deg, DO 8,44, PH 7.45, mv –25

1st Alan Mc Guire 74lb 7oz peg 3

2nd John Foster 69lb 15oz peg 16aa

3rd Martin Craig 57lb 15oz peg 11

Fri Eve 16th July 2016 open Lookout

Conditions:- Mostly overcast after rain in afternoon, ambient temp 17 deg, water temp dropped to 14.4 deg, PH 7.55, DO 8.25, mv –35

1st John Foster 65lb 11oz peg 5

2nd Ray Laing 58lb 5oz peg 27

3rd John Nelson 54lb 9oz peg 24

Please note all, ALL, ALL fish have to be netted in and then netted into keep nets supplied by us No NO NO NO handling fish into net!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone using any other feed pellets other than Angels will be asked to LEAVE

Wed 13th July 2016 open Bowes

Conditions:- Mostly cloudy, ambient temp 16 deg, wind W 20mph, barometer 1016, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 15.4 deg, ph 7.55, DO 8.25, mv –40

1st Alan Mc Guire 58lb peg 4

2nd John Foster 56lb 7oz peg 20

3rd Jackie Nelson 48lb 01oz peg 22