Wow Lookout has produced some stunning carp catches of a19lb 10oz carp, a 17lb 1oz carp and a 17lb 13oz carp, as well as a crucian of 2lb 11oz in mint condition, a bream of 8lb 6oz, tench to 7lb and ide and orfe to 3lb 9oz as well as huge numbers of all fish, most being caught at your feet very close in. Anglers in the warm weather have had terrific sport as all species feeding up very well after spawning and catch rates going through the roof.

Bassetts has had fantastic catch rates with both pleasure anglers and students learning to fish having great fun with the numbers of fish caught, young Peter Finn from Washington caught his first carp at 4lb 9oz and his face was a delight,

Armstong International  at team valley brought along 12 Russians to a coaching session and 2 interpreters  and all caught very well with the language barrier not to much of a problem, though they took some persuasion to use a landing net to land the fish they caught its not done like that in Russia we are told but we insisted its done here we all enjoyed the challenge and so did the participants.

Bowes is still closed we are awaiting  rewinding the damaged motor hopefully not to long and we hope it will be working well when it comes back fingers crossed.

Best tips pellet waggler up in water,    float at your feet on top of first shelf where warmest water is,  mid water on maggot or pellet or choose chopped worm and caster for a wow factor

feed well to keep them in your swim 


Sunday 22nd June 2014 open 

Conditions:- Sunny, ambient temp 21 deg, wind ESE7 mph, barometer 1022mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 15.9 deg, PH 7.20, DO 8, mv –47

1st Neil Brown 63lb peg 9

2nd Brian Hall 61lb 7oz peg 15

3rd Martin Craig 59lb 14oz peg 5

4th Richard Wildman 46lb 11oz peg 38

5th John Foster 38lb 8oz peg 13

6th John Dryden 30lb 5oz peg 1

Next open Sunday 29th  June on Lookout