With plummeting water tempretures silver fish are still feeding very well on bowes lake, fishing waggler just off the bottom on maggot to catch good bags of skimmers, on look out lake fighing a small maggot feeder has seen best results for big silver fish with the odd carp thrown in for good measure.

Sunday Open look out lake : 14 December 2014

Conditions : Mild night to a fair day with gusts of wind at 20mph Ambient Temp 9 Deg , Wind SW 11mph, barometer 996.3, Moon Phase last quarter  water temp 2.0 Deg , DO 7.5 , PH 7.34

1st John Dryden 18LB 7oz Peg 28

2nd Martin Craig 16LB 4oz Peg 1

3rd Christopher Pine 11LB 8oz Peg 11