Saturday 16th Dec Angel Open Match & Catch Results


Overcast with lots of clear sunny spells, ambient temp 5 deg, humidity 87%, wind calm to W8 deg, barometer 1016.9 mb, moon phase waning crescent,  water temp 7.1 deg, PH 7.58, DO 8.89, fish topping at dawn & dusk.


Rather exceptional weather for December with fish topping at Dusk & Dawn


1st Davey Foster AON 27lb 12oz peg 22  

2nd Ray Laing AON 19lb 09oz peg 23 

3rd John Foster AON 18lb 03oz peg 16 

4th Eddie Douglas AON 17lb 07oz peg 2 

5th Liam Shilling (junior) AON Jnr Club 13lb 03oz peg 4 

6th Keith West AON 12lb 09oz peg 34


Davey used a map ultra 11 4lb main line, 3lb hooklength, 18 turbtini hook, double maggot, used maggot feeder between islands.


Keith fished maggot and corn to corner of the island, 18 hook, 5lb maxima, 4lb Shimano Silk Shock.


Angel winter  Mini League Results


1st Keith West            13 points

2nd Ray Laing            18 points

3rd  Davey Foster       30 points

4th  Colin pine            30 points

5th  John Foster         31 points

6th Eddie Douglas    34 points


Keith fished maggot and corn to corner of island, 18 hook, 5lb maxima, 4lb shimano silk shock.


Strange for mid December with all species still catching, no species have switched of, and water temp coming up a bit, fish topping well at dawn and dusk, with good fishing times being 11.30 am on. Choosing the correct peg and reading the water will give much better catch rates and range of species.




This has continued to fish well with after 11 being the optimum time till 3pm, even in the extreme wind it has produced some exceptional fish with carp predominate,  then ide,  skimmers, Rudd, roach, even tench  being caught, best fish 5lb 4oz carp.




Some pegs doing very well, peg 3, 4, 22 and 23, between 11 and 3pm, Friday this week Brian Hall & Alan Hepple, fished peg 3 and peg 23 and Brian produced 39 fish up to 6lb on maggot feeder on peg 3 with Alan getting nearly as many on sweetcorn.




Tench green to 5lb, golden tench to 3lb, carp to 9lb skimmers, Rudd, Roach,  Ide, Perch,  all catching, best hook baits maggot, sweetcorn, caster, worm, even pellet catching.

May Arty & I and all our staff & Angling Coaches wish you a very happy Christmas and an excellent New Year