Anglers World Holidays are the leaders in providing big cod fishing experiences in Norway. The north of Norway, around Skjervoy, is a special place for big cod, halibut and coalfish – in quantity. Every year our clients beat their personal bests and whilst 20 – 40 pound cod are relatively common, a number of fifty pounders are caught and released.

Holger Buricke, our top guide, provides the ultimate in guided fishing. In 2006 he helped Dave Lewis and John Wilson to personal best big cod. His own record cod weights 78 pounds and he has seen cod in excess of 90 pounds landed.

North Norway has a 200 mile exclusion for all fish trawlers. Fish quotas are strictly enforced and the unique mix of the Gulf Stream and cold Arctic waters produces the richest feeding grounds for bait fish and predators alike.


Monster Cod move in to spawn in selected sheltered fjords near Skjervoy in late February and stay into April. Feeding Coastal cod move in from April onwards and stocks build up to a peak in June to September.

It never gets dark and you can fish at MIDNIGHT with the sun in your face from Late May to the End of July. Even in August you have almost endless daylight.

Summers can be changeable but also surprisingly warm.


What to expect:

Set your sights at sensible levels. Coalies can range from 2 to 40 pounds. When targeting big cod just use one pirk or shad and avoid attractors/muppets, in summer you will have string of small coalies. Fish the recommended areas suggested by the resort manager, but move around. Once you locate the depth of the bait fish, concentrate on this depth range for the cod, they may be on the bottom in 50 metres or 70 metres down over 200 metres! At night (still daylight) plankton rises to the surface, bringing bait balls with it and the big predators.

15 to 30 pound cod are common. 40-pounders are there to be caught in reasonable numbers and fifty pound plus cod show every year for those lucky few.

With long days of daylight be selective with your fishing hours which will be governed by wind and tide strength. You should never need to fish more than 400grams, always fish an area with reasonable shelter and you can comfortably fish weights of 200 to 400 grams.


Pirking in 30 to 70 metres of depth, using long drifts, produces the best cod fishing. Big cod in huge shoal constantly chase the vast shoals of small coalies and herring. The fishing technique is totally different to the UK, you are never anchored, yes you do look for underwater reefs, but quite often you can be catching big cod at 50 metres over 200 metres of depth. The predators are where the bait fish and they are always on the move.

You might drift for and hour or more, covering a number of shoals… that’s the Norwegian way and it works.


Shore fishing is possible at some locations, but a self use or skippered boat opens up a whole new world and always produces quantity and quality, often you may only be 100 to 200 from shore, other times you may be 2 miles away. A boat is essential.


Tackle Tips:

20 to 30 pound class gear with reels loaded with 40lb braid is perfect. Strong swivels/snap swivels are essential, as are big hooks, we prefer size 10/0 trebles for the big cod. It is wise to use a short piece of 70lb mono as a leader.

250 to 400 gram pirks in green, blue and chrome work well here. 6 inch plus shads are great particularly in spring/early summer for the cod and anytime for halibut.

Halibut can strike at any depth, they often hit a foul hooked coalie on the way up, sometimes following almost to the surface.


Value Prices;

We arrange flights from around £200 pp to Tromso.

Either use public, private transfers or car rental.

Skjervoy Fishing Centre is the best of the best. A week in a self catering cottage (linen and electricity included) with 18 aluminium boat, echo sounder/GPS and 30hp outboard costs from £246 pp. Great value (4 travelling). Smaller and larger groups catered for.

A 10 day saildrive trip to the south costs from £230 pp, but if you want to target the really big cod you have to fly, after all its 350 miles north of the Arctic Circle.!!

Expect to pay around £590 pp to £780 depending on where you fly from. This gives you 7 nights and 6 long, long days fishing.



Fishing DVDs/Fishing Videos.

We have made some excellent DVD’s and video’s showing great sea fishing in Norway.

Detailed brochures also available.


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