Angel of the North Fishing Lakes Match and Catch Report for Week ending Nov 19th 06

Cleveland Police Match Thursday 16th November 06


Overcast with sunny spells later, Ambient Temp 8 deg, Humidity 71deg, wind SW 6mph, barometer 990.9mb, moon phase waning crescent,  water temp 8.6 to 7.0,  DO 8.1, PH 7.58 was todays setting.


1st  Stewart Hopson 45lb 09oz, peg 22  

2nd Graeme Lowery 43lb 01oz    peg 23  

3rd    Dave Watson 25lb 13oz peg 3   Tony

4th Ferguson 25lb 10oz inc a 14lb 14oz Common Carp peg 40

5th Peter Bland 21lb 11 oz peg 4 

6th Kevin Halliwell 13lb 13oz peg 39


Steward Hopson used feeder with 3 or 4 maggots on hook, 5lb mainline, 3lb hook length, 16 wide gape power barbless hook, caught slowly but continuously through match with best carp at 5lb.



Saturday 18th Nov 06 Match Report

Ambient Temp 6 deg, Humidity 76%, Wind WSW8mph, barometer 1004.1mb, Moon phase Waning Crescent, DO 8.1, Water temp 6.3 to 5.9 deg, PH 7.88 was today’s setting  

1st Mark Carlin 29lb 03oz AON, peg 3 

2nd  Keith West  AON 10lb 09oz peg 24

3rd John Maynell AON 9lb 03oz peg 22

4th Colin Pine AON 8lb 9oz peg 23 

5th Dave Foster AON 8lb 02oz peg 16 

6th  Ray Laing AON 5lb 13oz peg 21


Mark used maggot feeder and corn on the bomb down the channel. Maggot was 18inch hook length of 0.14mm Shimano Antares to a size 18 turbetini 808 hook. The bomb was 0.14 Antares with hair rig corn to size 16 B911 eyed hook.


Mixed weather this week has seen some slow but good catch rates on all lakes, interestingly Tench has been caught with Carp, Perch, Ide, Rudd, Roach being consistant in catches, some days fishing much better than others.


Bowes had great catch rates for mid November , some quality  doubled figures of Carp being caught, even Chris Fail one of our Junior Club members caught a 10lb carp on Sunday.


Bassetts doing great especially in adverse weather and winds,


Lookout continues to be extremely productive with some good quality and size of species being caught best out 5lb 2oz tench, carp at 10lb 7oz.


Junior and intermediate club every Sunday afternoon in winter starting at 12 noon to 4pm


Snr club is also doing well with some of the club members sorting out matches against other clubs for next year.


Open matches continue on Saturdays and Wednesdays.