Angel Of the North Fishing Lakes Open and Match Catch Rates to 22nd April 07 

 Swifts  have started to return to Angel this week very early!, great to see them back and excellent to watch and observe their feeding over the water, good for anglers to observe birds feeding as this also show that fish also will be feeding. Ducks and moorhens have excellent small family’s of youngsters on the lakes as bird life increases.  

The Angel Lakes second Birthday approaches and it is excellent to see trees, shrubs, plants and aquaculture  developing which has brought in wildlife and birds and is establishing itself as an excellent nature reserve as well as a fishery.   

After  last weekends high temperatures, which pushed up water temperatures the fish fed well this week until the heavy rain on Thursday evening which dropped water temperatures down 3 deg, then Friday and Saturdays warm temperature brought the water temperatures up to 15. 5 deg, the big swings in water temperature hopefully slowly rise from now on allowing the fish some stability for spawning.  

Lookout Mixed Coarse 

This lake is fishing superbly well with anglers having great sport and all fish gaining weight at incredible speed considering only stocked two and a half years ago (just shows great management including rules and feeding policies work wonders) 

Major silver fish bags ie  skimmers average 1lb plus , Good sized Roach, Rudd  Ide, Golden and Blue Orfe, Crucians, Golden Tench, Larger Bream now starting to show, Some good numbers of Tench to 7lb , Carp in profusion to 12lb 4oz good average weight 2lb plus also some good Koi and Ghosts showing well.

Due to improvement in weather conditions and water temperatures close marginal fishing is now the bagging up method to use as regular angler Andy Powel learn whilst on peg 16aa,  

Andy had a terrific day with Carp to 3lb plus, skimmers to 2lb (just going bronze so will be mature next season), plus silvers,  The icing on the cake for Andy was a beautiful 6lb 5oz male Tench.  (so  technically the lake is capable of holding a female of double this weight)

With numbers of tench being caught a great venue for specialist anglers targeting this species.

This lake just gets better and better for catches.

Best hook baits- soft hookable pellets, expander pellets, jellets, maggots, sweetcorn and worm tail. Only feed allowed Angel sinking pellets both 3mm & 6mm 

Bowes Carp Lake 

Correct Feeding techniques is the key to high catch rates on this lake, observation on watercraft  and gauging where the fish are including up or down in the water are also helping to catch good bags.  

Depending on skills of the angler and their skills on feeding and observation  a fish a chuck all day is possible, when feeding several different areas in the swim. Anglers in search of larger carp to  20lb plus who have good watercraft skills will realise there are several holding areas for large carp in Bowes Lake.   

Another excellent week for catches  Best hook baits- soft hookable pellets, expander pellets, jellets, maggots, sweetcorn and worm tails also hair rigged pellets

Only feed allowed Angel sinking pellets both 3mm & 6mm 

Bassetts Mixed Coarse 

This pond is amazing in its catch rate for both competent anglers and even brand new beginners (on coaching sessions)   

Large catches of Golden Tench, tench, skimmers

Best hook baits- soft hookable pellets, expander pellets, jellets, maggots, sweetcorn and worm tails also hair rigged pellets

Only feed allowed Angel sinking pellets 3mm 


Some great new anglers now passed through the coaching academy and now fishing on their own. Some of the youngsters joining the junior club and fishing as team members. 

It is great to see local Authorities getting involved and encouraging the development of angling and environmental skills in a range of people through coaching courses which we tailor to suit all the different needs of our society. 

The Education centre should be finished in 3 weeks and anyone wanting to

The NFAs Angling and the Environment ONC –Ordinary National Certificate should contact Ann 

Sunday 22nd April 07 Open Lookout 

Partly Cloudy,  Ambient temp 13 deg, humidity 72%, Wind WSW 5mph, Barometer 1013.9 (dropping) moon phase waxing crescent, water temp risen to  15.5 deg on Lookout, DO 12.1,

PH 7.77,   

1st Peter Wilson   63lb 7oz peg 4        

2nd Colin Pine Angel 43lb 12oz peg 2  

3rd Liam Shilling Angel Jnr  33lb 4oz peg 8

4th Mark Carlin   Angel  31lb 3oz  peg 6 

Peter caught all on  pole map carptec 14.5 metre   , fished 1 swim, feeding Angel Pellets, little and often, expander on hook-size 16 PR27, elastic dual core 12-20,   

Saturday 21st April 07 Open Bowes 

Overcast, ambient temp 14 deg, humidity 63%, Moon phase Waxing Crescent,  Barometer 1015.9mb, wind SW5mph rising, water temp 9.8 to 9.6 deg ( down from Thursday 13.9 deg.)

DO 10.7 (aerators now in & on) PH 8.80 

1st John foster 35lb 12oz Angel peg 24

2nd Dave Foster 30lb 15oz Angel peg 22

3rd Liam Shilling Angel Jnr 15lb 13oz peg 4

Rest DNW 

John used pole 6m to 10m out from bank, 4mm Expander pellets, fed Angel Feed Pellets 3mm all caught on pole. 

Wednesday 19th April 07 Evening Lookout

Ambient Temp 10 deg, wind W10 mph to calm later, barometer 1024mb water temp 13.4 deg, ph7.79, DO12.1ppm

1st Mark Carlin Angel 43lb 11oz peg 9

2nd Dave Hudson Angel 41lb peg 1

3rd Steve Kean Angel 30lb 14 oz peg 4

4th Colin Pine Angel 30lb 8oz peg 15

5th Matty Shanley  30lb 4oz peg 12 

Monday 16th April 07 evening Cost cutter match Bowes 2hrs 45 mins 

1st Matty Shanley 32lb 8oz peg 3

2nd Alex Burdon Jnr 23lb 6oz peg 1

3rd Liam Shilling Jnr 18lb 14oz peg 35

4th Chris Fail Jnr 7lb 13oz peg 23

5th Anthony Longstaff Jnr 7lb 10oz peg 5

6th Tom Dixon Jnr 1lb 3oz peg 25 

Sunday 15th April Open on Lookout Mixed Coarse  

Sunny  clear skys, ambient temp 23 deg, humidity 47%,  wind calm, barometer 1022mb,  moon phase waning crescent, water temp 12.6 deg, DO 13.5 ppm, P 8.08

1st Andrew Brown 62lb 08oz peg 5

2nd Liam shilling Angel Jnr 36lb 13oz peg 3

3rd John Foster Angel 33lb 05 oz peg 1

Andrew fished Maver N15 pole,  6mm Expander pellet & corn on hook, 0.13 preston power line, Drennan Tough eye 4×14 float, caught at 10 metres, fed Angel 3mm feed pellets. 

Angels 2nd Birthday –going into our 3rd year-wow! 

Open Day’s- an invitation and free cuppa to anyone who would like to peruse the Lakes and facilities.   

Monday 30th April Our Birthday, the first 5 anglers will receive a free tackle box. 

From April 30th to 6th   May 07 every angler will receive  a free disgorger 

For every fishing ticket purchased for the week of 29th April to 6th May a free gift of a packet of Kamasan B611 or B911 hooks. 

For the week of 30th  April till 6th May Angel Feed Pellets will be discounted to £2.00 per bag. 

All Anglers joining the Angel of the North Fishing Club during April 30th to May 6th  £25.00 year, and Concessions £15.00 will get a free days fishing ticket.