Dynamite Bait Festival


Day Four


Day four was another scorcher and saw some top match fishing action. The weather has been kind to us all week (although some might not agree with this being as they are so burnt!) and as the week has gone on we can see that the fish are showing signs of beginning to spawn. It has been a very exciting festival and even at the end of play today there are no signs of a clear-cut winner, read on for more information on how the fishing went today.


A Section Porth


Porth has fished harder all week and anglers have not managed to find the much sought after shoals of bream and skimmers. Harry Billing on peg 89 took the lake win today with 23lb 8oz, Harry caught at 9 meters over ground bait and with corn over maggots & casters. Second went to Phil Ringer with 18lb 2oz, Phil was on peg 39 and caught on the feeder with “Ringers” groundbait and maggots. On peg 33 Nigel Smith was ounced into third place with 18lb 1oz, Nigel fished the 13-meter pole with worms and caster. Neil Mckinnon on peg 34 had the next best weight on the lake with 16lb 10oz, Neil caught all day on the pole with worms.


Section Winners


Harry Billing               9 points           23lb 8oz

Phil Raison                  9 points           18lb 2oz

Chris Allen                  9 points           11lb 8oz

Colin Mercer               9 points           8lb 4oz


B Section Bolingey


There is not a lot really a lot we can say about Bolingey except it is fishing it’s proverbial off, yesterday again over 3700lbs of fish were weigh in (anyone reading this who is fishing next week Ben has asked if you could not catch as much as his back is hurting!!) The fishing has been tremendous with half of the anglers in the section weighing at least 120lb today. The win today went to Kieron Rich on peg 22 with a staggering 237lb 2oz; Kieron fished the pellet waggler with 8 mil pellets. On peg 46 John Waples weighed in with 167lb 8lb to take second, John fished long and shallow with pellet. Third on the lake with 152lb 5oz was Steve Cooke, Steve was on peg 11 and fished the pellet waggler. The next best weight on the lake came from Jez Goldthorpe on peg 29, Jez fished pellet shallow on the pole for a weight of 152lb 4oz missing out on third place by 1oz.


Section Winners


Kieron Rich                 9 points           237lb 2oz

John Waples                9 points           167lb 8oz

Steve Cooke                9 points           152lb 5oz

Jez Goldthorpe            9 points           152lb 4oz


C Section Pollawyn


The weights have not been as high on Pollawyn but some surprising pegs are producing some great weights and the weights are still fair across the section making it a real battle to the end for vital points. The lake winner today was Alex Murray on peg 32, Alex fished the pellet waggler for a winning weight of 143lb 8oz. Mick Evans took second with 99lb 6oz, Mick was on peg 21 and caught on hair rigged meat. There was a joint third on the lake today with both Andy Geldart and Mark Murdoch both weighing in with 97lb 4oz, Andy was on peg 26 and caught on the waggler & the bomb with pellet, Mark was on peg 4 and caught shallow on pellet. The next best weight on the lake came from Neil Bannister on peg 25, Neil caught across on the straight lead with pellet for a weight of 87lb.


Section Winners


Alex Murray                9 points           143lb 8oz

Mark Murdoch            9 points           97lb 4oz

Andy Geldart              9 points           97lb 4oz

Steve Bass                   9 points           73lb 2oz


D Section Twin Oaks/Acorn/Nelsons


More top weights were recordered today from across the four lakes but Twin Oaks dominated with the top three positions coming from the low numbered lake. The match winner today was Will Raison on peg 8, will caught half and half on the pellet waggler and the meat feeder for a weight of 152lb 1oz. Rob Wootton took second with 149lb 8oz, Rob was next door on peg 6 and caught on the feeder with meat. Third went to Dean Tennant on peg 16, dean caught down the edge on the pellet waggler for a weight of 124lb 13oz. On Nelsons peg 12 Pemb Wrighting had the next best weight with 115lb 12oz, Pemb caught at 19 meters on the pole with meat. The best weight on Acorn came from Simon Colclough on peg 14 with 101lb.


Section Winners


Will Raison                 9 points           152lb   1oz

Pemb Wrighting          9 points           115lb 12oz

Simon Colclough        9 points           101lb

Lee Kerry                    9 points           69lb 6oz


E Section Gwinear


Gwinear has surprised us all this week and has kicked up some good weights as well as consistent section weights. The chaps that fished Gwinear yesterday must have been very keen to get to Porth today as we have limited catch information. The lake was won by Giles Cochrane on peg 90 who fished worm shallow for a winning weight of 100lb 7oz. Neil Machin took second with 80lb 12oz, Neil fished at 13 meters towards the bar from peg 2. Ben Fisk on his first White Acres festival was third today with 76lb 2oz; Ben was on peg 50 and caught down the margins. The next best weight on the lake was 75lb 11oz and came from Chris Chadwick on peg 28 who fished towards the bridge.

Section Winners


Giles Cochrane            9 points           100lb 7oz

Neil Machin                9 points           80lb 12oz

Chris Chadwick          9 points           75lb 11oz

John Chapman                        9 points           43lb 12oz


So that was day four and with one-day left to go how does our top twenty look?


Overall Top Twenty


1st Will Raison                        34 points         495lb 12oz

2nd Kieron Rich         34 points         414lb

3rd Andy Geldart       34 points         343lb

4th Simon Fry             34 points         280lb 15oz

5th Rob Wootton        33 points         436lb 14oz

6th Gary Skeritt          33 points         254lb 7oz

7th Phil Ringer                        32 points         306lb 6oz

8th Andy Lloyd          32 points         191lb 1oz

9th Tommy Pickering  31 points         341lb 10oz

10th Steve Cooke       31 points         333lb 2oz

11th Neil Machin        31 points         331lb 12oz

12th Steve Ringer       31 points         325lb 6oz

13th John Chapman    31 points         300lb 12oz

14th Danny Grimsey   31 points         261lb 5oz

15th Kerry Kirkwood 30 points         412lb 6oz

16th Dan Ashington   30 points         292lb 1oz

17th Tony Wynnick    30 points         282lb 7oz

18th John Waples        30 points         277lb 9oz

19th Alex Murray       29 points         365lb 3oz

20th Pemb Wrighting  29 points         298lb 2oz


So England ace Will Raison is in the top spot with a tremendous weight, everything is to play for going into the final day and the is clearly no out right winner, we have seen so many changes this week no one can predict a winner.


The top twenty will be posted on Saturday.


At this stage I would like to take the opportunity to thank Dynamite Baits for their sponsorship and continued support, the Dynamite team will be busy this evening bagging up 180 goodie bags for all anglers fishing the festival this week, we would also like to thank all the anglers that have fished this week for once again making it a successful and enjoyable festival.


See you Saturday to find out who the 2007 Dynamite Bait champion is, Cheers Kirsty