Sunday 26th Aug open LookoutConditions:- heavy rain yesterday and overnight then Fair, ambient temp 14 deg, wind NW12 mph,  barometer 1011.9 mb,  moon phase waxing gibbous,  Water temp 16 deg,  DO 7.1, PH 7.13

1st Alan Mc Guire 63lb 12oz peg 24
2nd Ricky Bennett 53lb peg 16aa
3rd Andy Sinclair 48lb 15oz peg 1
4th Graham Skirrey 44lb 10oz peg 11
5th John Foster 38lb 9oz peg 25
6th Terry Guthrie 36lb 14oz peg 5

Saturday 25th Aug 2012 open Bowes Ton up Twice! Conditions:- Heavy rain overnight, then light rain, wind N 6mph,  barometer low 999 mb, moon phase waxing gibbous,  water temp 16.8 deg, PH 7.04, DO 5.2
1st Dave Pearson 107lb 2oz peg 18
2nd Martin Lewins Jnr 105lb 7oz peg 2
3rd Jonny Maven jnr 87lb 3oz peg 40
4th Richard Wildman 63lb 4oz peg 4
5th Colin Pine 48lb 5oz peg 34
6th Alan Mc Guire 37lb 5oz peg 36

Wed 22nd Aug 2012 open Bowes Ton UP !!!!Conditions:- cloudy and windy, ambient temp 19deg, wind W 21 mph, barometer 1010.2 mb, moon phase waxing crescent, water temp 18.5 deg, PH 7.55, DO 7.95
1st Rob Emmery 100lb 13oz peg 4
2nd Derek Fox 97lb 12oz peg 40 
3rd Dave Pearson 85lb 14oz peg 24
4th Malcolm Fox 78lb 10oz peg 26
5th Jonny Maven 61lb 2oz peg 5
6th Ray Underwood 55lb 8oz peg 21
Another week of great match weights with Ton ups  all around, then heavy rain and sun eventually came out again
Some great specimen fish also being caught on Double pellet and covered in angels paste (conker)  for example besides some very large carp caught by  Mark Bensley from Washington he caught a 12lb 2oz Bream on Bowes on peg 17, Brian Hall fishing peg 40 on Bowes had 48 carp average of 8lb, 6 tench and one Ide over 3lb, in all well over 300 lb in a days pleasure fishing.
Alex Swinehoe fishing pole on Bassetts had fish a chuck  on Sunday with Tench and golden tench crucians and carp being the major catches.  Jon Donahue from Shields fishing Lookout had a great Friday catching over 40 carp, 22 crucians, 8 tench then ide, orfe and roach, all from peg 13 on the island.