Defrosted at last however we have had Wind, snow, ice and rain another week of mixed weather

Longer daylight however proving to be the answer for fish to start feeding again, even though water temperatures are still very cold and the fishes metabolism still very sluggish till they get caught and the fight begins. 

Carp on feeding, ide, orfe,  chub, roach all catching reasonably maggot, pellet and conker working at the moment.

Sunday 3rd Feb 2013 open Lookout
Conditions, frost overnight then  Mostly cloudy, ambient temp 7 deg,  wind W 21 to 25 mph (very gusty) barometer 1006.3 mb, moon phase last quarter, DO 11.9, PH7.76, Water temp 2.5 deg,
1st Alan Mc Guire 51lb 07oz peg 11 pellet and conker 
2nd Dave Pearson 31lb 2oz peg 3  
3rd  Ray Wallace 21lb peg 31 

Spring League starts Sunday 17th March for 12 weeks  please put names and deposits in advance