Good weights again for cold wet windy frosty Feb, 82lb 13oz by Rob Emery on Sunday on Lookout.Interesting week with carp being predominate fish caught on pellet and maggot, , silvers caught include several large bream on worm and caster, perch, ide and rudd. Lots of rain again this week making the water have thermals with a narrow band of warmer water about 2 ft of bottom so you need to plumb up to get the warm layer spot on, to find fish sitting in warmer band, 

Sunday 16th Feb 2014 open Lookout wow 82lb 13oz winner in Feb 
Conditions- cold frost overnight with clear sky and bright full moon,  Sunny, ambient temp 6 deg feels  like 2,  wind SW6,  barometer 1002 mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 3.1 to 3.6 deg, DO12.9 ppm, PH 7.55
1st Rob Emery 82lb 13oz peg 16aa
2nd Jonny Maven 45lb 9oz peg 1
3rd Martin Craig 41lb 14oz peg 32