Wow fishing has been excellent with some very large fish in all species being caught , even our record fish have caught, match weights went up over 200lb so all species are hungrey and catching well .
Sunday 21st May 2017 open Lookout
Conditions:- heavy rain yesterday and overnight, Mostly cloudy, ambient temp 14 deg, wind SSw 10mph, barometer 1023mb, water temp 12.2 deg, DO 7.45, PH 7.65, mv 25
1st Chris Owers 91lb 6oz peg 16aa
2nd Brian Hall 77lb peg 1
3rd Ethan Baley 64lb 13oz peg 4
4th Martin Craig 54lb 8oz peg 25
5th Norman Laing 51lb 6oz peg 27
6th Derek Fox 50lb 14oz peg 5
Friday Eve 20th May 2017 open Bowes Ton up
Rained all day then rain at eve, water temp dropped to 9 deg with rain,
1st John Foster 154lb 14oz peg 40
2nd John Dryden 81lb peg 1
3rd Peter Wilson 70lb 10oz peg 22
Wed 17th May 2017 open Bowes wow 200lb
Conditions:- mostly cloudy, ambienet temperature 16 deg, barometer 1016mb, wind SSW 4mph, water temp 14 deg, DO 7.55, PH 7.65 mv 26
1st John Foster 201lb 6oz peg 40
2nd John Nailer 91lb 13oz peg 24
3rd Rob Emery 79lb 10oz peg 4
Matches week ahead and bank holiday

Wed 9am draw on Bowes
Friday Eve 5 pm Bowes
Saturday 9am draw Bowes
Sunday 9am draw Lookout

Pleasure anglers and season ticket holders Please note Sunday Bowes is also booked for a match