Stunning ethereal beauty when white out conditions are here with trees lakes land stunning in its white  simplicity.

Sunday anglers braved very cold conditions yet all caught carp, and silvers, patience and light rigs as well as maggot or pinkies are catching. 
Jan still has been milder than normal so lets hope it keeps that way. 

Wed 8th Jan 2014 open Lookout
Conditions:- Partly Cloudy ambient temp 6 deg, wind SW11 mph, barometer 1007.1mb, moon phase first quarter, PH7.35, DO 8.95, Water temp 4.2
1st Graham Skirrey 22lb peg 24
2nd John Dryden 20lb 5oz peg 13
3rd Richard Wildman 9lb 8oz peg 3 

Sat 11th Jan 2014 Bassetts 
Conditions, overnight frost –2 , Fair, ambient temp 4 deg, wind W 8 , barometer 1012.2 mb, moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp between 1.7 deg to 3.1 deg, Ph 7.45, DO 8.96
1st Mark wilson peg 5 27 fish

Sunday 12th Jan 2014 open lookout
Conditions :-white out and heavy frost overnight,   Partly cloudy ambient tem –2 deg, Wind SSE 8mph, barometer 1016.3, moon phase waxing gibbous, PH 7.67 DO 7.56 water temp 2.1
1st John foster 7lb 2oz peg24
2nd John Nelson 5lb 9oz peg15
3rd Richard Wildman 5lb 4oz peg 32