Happy New Year 2014 wow
Some good bream, ide, roach, rudd, perch even tench both green and golden as well as carp being caught with some chub as well. Even with the week of mixed weather heavy winds, torrential rain, and ground frost and frozen and partly frozen lakes,  however fish still feeding up and get on a shoal and you can catch silvers and carp.Some Magical mornings great sunrises with fish topping on certain pegs great to see in winter and some excellent sunsets.

Friday 3rd Jan 2014 Lookout
1st John Foster 35lb 9oz peg 13
2nd Graham Skirrey 20lb 7oz peg 24 
3rd Alan Mc Guire 17lb 6oz peg 3

Sunday 5th Jan 2014 open on a cold white frosty day
Conditions:- overnight heavy frost and –3 deg, produced some ice on lakes and heavy white out on land, clear sky and sunny ambient temp 2 deg,  with low barometer of 991.5 mb, wind SSE 15gusts to 25 mph, moon phase waxing crescent, water temp 3.2  to 2 deg, PH 7.65 and DO 8.95
1st Chris Pine 24lb 13oz peg 5
2nd John Foster 19lb 5oz peg 15
3rd Martin Craig 17lb peg 22