Sunday 8th July 2012 open LookoutConditions:- Mostly cloudy,  ambient temp 16 deg, humidity 94%, wind N9 mph, barometer 1007.8 mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 17.3 deg, DO 6.92, PH 7.61st Chris  Owers 97lb peg 16aa2nd Dave Pearson 62lb 01oz peg 13rd Peter Cairns 56lb 120z peg 54th Craig Thompson 51lb 4oz peg 24 5th Alan Mc Guire 50lb 11oz peg 116th Neil Brown 39lb 01oz peg 32Sat 7th July 2012 open BowesConditions:- torrential rain for last 24 hours, then Mostly cloudy, ambient temp 14 deg,  wind NNE 4mph, barometer 1009.1 mb, moon phase waning gibbous, Water temp 17.4 PH 7.6, DO 7.21st Dave Pearson 65lb 9oz peg 35 2nd Richard Wildman 63lb 01oz peg 43rd Kim Christie 31lb 07oz peg 404th Chris Pine 31lb 02oz peg 245th Colin Pine 27lb 5oz peg 276th Ben Huggins 17lb 05 peg 2 Wed 4th July 2012 open BowesConditions- overnight rain then odd showers and cloudy, ambient temp 19 deg, wind ESE 10mph, barometer 1007.1mb, moon Full, water temp 16.1 deg, PH 7.55, DO 7.95,1st Alan Mc Guire 76lb 4oz peg 402nd John Dryden 50lb 14oz peg 33rd John Foster 36lb 01oz peg 204th Richard Wildman 34lb 15oz peg 265th Ray Wallace 28lb 12oz peg 246th Martin Atkin 20lb 2oz peg 1Some excellent catches this week with the best bream out was 9lb 1oz to John Aitkin on Paste peg 15 on Bowes, best carp on Bowes was 27lb 8oz on peg 18 by ian Johnston from Newcastle on conker, best Tench was 8lb 4oz on peg 42 Lookout by teenager Josh Wilson 17yrs old from Aberdeen, then large ide, orfe golden tench all coming out in large quantities. Pleasure anglers getting well over 200lb in a days session targeting carp early and late in the day and targeting silvers mid day, season ticket holders coming in around 4 am before work and getting great catches or coming in 7pm till late with excellent catches.Coaching on Thursday  was excellent, float fishing on Bassetts was very productive and then an afternoon session on Bowes with everyone catching continuous.Angling coaching continues every Saturday morning from 9am till noon phone to put names down.