Another fantastic week of high catch rates with some anglers catching over 300lb on an evening  session between 4 to 8pm for example Mal Gardner caught 56 carp between 4lb smallest to to 2 double figures one 10lb and one 14lb, 2 roach between ¾ to 1 ½ lb, 2 ide 3lb ½, 1 good perch 2lb 1oz, 3 rud over 1lb, all on pellet waggler at 12 meters out,
Five ton ups in matches and some cracking weights just had to have mid match weigh ins as oxygen lowish but all aerators on 24/7  holding oxygen high enough for fish comfort.
Gary Wardle coaching on Bowes his group on one day had their best catch rates with four students catching in excess of 200lb each his best days coaching and catch rates in a day happy students, 
John Spencer school from North Shields had three great eve and day coaching sessions with angel coaches PRIZE WINNERS FROM  sessions – Biggest Fish – Tomas Baldwin, – Most Fish – Daryl Penton, Most Improved – Shane Doolan  Nathan Thewis and Daryl Penton are natural  great new anglers  Well done to all students 
Dillan Taylor 16 from Hunberside with friend Andy Gough 18 and had  a very successful day with 11 large double carp  all on 10mm pellets over 10 mm pallets, and between then 52 carp from 4lb as well as 5 large bream best 11lb 9oz . 

Saturdays Bowes match had cracking weights with 3 ton ups and 3 90lb plus fished well all round
Most pleasure anglers are having their best numbers of fish caught and also the best specimin sizes of all species cracking fishing 

Sunday 21st July 2013 open Lookout
Conditions:- Cloudy, ambient temp 17 deg,  wind NE6 mph, barometer 1024 mb, moon phase waxing gibbous,  water temp 21.9 deg, DO 4.8, PH 7.72, mv –41
1st Dave Pearson 84lb 06oz peg 16aa
2nd John Foster 67lb 13oz peg 24
3rd M Craig 65lb 11oz peg 5
4th Chris Gowling 65lb 2oz peg 25
5th Graham Skirrey 48lb 13oz peg 15
6th Ray Wallace 40lb 3oz peg 11

Sat 20th July 2013 open Bowes weighed in half way and at end as oxy lowish. TON Upx3 
Conditions:- overnight rain, mostly cloudy, wind NNE5 mph, barometer 1027mb, moon phase waxing gibbous,  water temp 22.1 deg, ph 7.67, DO 4.95 at dawn aerators on 24/7, mv –39
1st Rob Emery 144lb 3oz peg 2
2nd Ricky Bennet 115lb 9oz peg 40
3rd Alister Morris 100lb 7oz peg 16 (went over 1 net)
4th Jonny Trainor 97lb 2oz peg 26
5th Alan Mc Guire 92lb 05oz peg 34
6th Colin Pine 90lb 10oz peg 24

Wed 17th July 2013 open Bowes  TON UP
Conditions:- Sunny, ambient temp 27 deg,  wind NNE 11mph,  barometer 1025mb, moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp 23.5 deg, PH 7.65, DO 4.97 aerators on 24/7
1st Alan Mc Guire 111lb 05oz peg 24
2nd Jonny Trainor 79lb 15oz peg 22
3rd Ray Wallace 68lb 13oz peg 34
4th Graham Skirrey 64lb 02oz peg 4
5th Alan Simmons 63lb 13oz peg 40
6th George Atkin 50lb 7oz peg 2

Monday Eve  15th July 2013 open  Bowes and Lookout ton up
Conditions:- Sunny, ambient temp 24 deg, wind NW6 mph, water temp 22.2 deg, DO 4.95 aerators on 24/7 and extra ones, Ph 7.65
1st Chris Owers 107lb 3oz peg 24 bowes
2nd Dave Pearson 73lb 9oz peg 2 Bowes
3rd John Foster 66lb 8oz peg 42 Lookout
4th Lobba Ian Foster 59lb 12oz peg 4 Bowes
5th Alan Mc Guire 55lb 15oz peg 38 Lookout
6th Chris Watson 53lb 12oz peg 16 Bowes